FILIPINO TRANSLATOR – List of English Words & Their Tagalog Translation

Are you looking for a Filipino translator to translate English words to Tagalog?

FILIPINO TRANSLATOR – Here is a list of the English words and their translation or counterpart in Tagalog.

Nowadays, a lot of people are fluent in speaking either in English or in Tagalog, the language of the Filipino people. However, amid their fluency, many find it hard to do translation between the two(2) languages.

It is either a person finds it hard to translate a word in a universal language into Tagalog or vice versa. The struggle is twice when it comes to deep words that are hardly used in books for average readers.

Often times, Google will serve as the savior in translating certain words from English to Tagalog or Tagalog to English. Others would find answers on English-Tagalog dictionaries.

In line with this, has decided to also come up with a list that could, hopefully, help a lot of people in translating English and Tagalog words. This can serve as a Filipino translator of English words.

Below are the list of English words that are usually hard to translate in Tagalog. You may click on the word to be redirected to the page where its counterpart in the Filipino language can be found.

We have also started a list of Filipino or Tagalog words and their translation in English. Here are they:


Thank you for visiting Hopefully, these lists have helped you on your inquiry regarding word translations. Rest assured that we will continue to post write-ups like this one.

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