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Philippine News or Philnews.ph is a Philippine-based news website that pens the freshest reports across the different fields — politics, entertainment, finance, education, science and technology, business, lifestyle, sports, and any topic that is trending on the social media.

The news portal is based in the Philippines but it also caters topics of global interest. It is the team’s untiring pursuit to share read-worthy contents to its readers regardless of where you are coming from.

TechSoft IT Solutions, a private company in the Visayas Region, runs Philnews.ph. It has been the source of countless readers when it comes to both fresh news and evergreen topics since 2010. The company is funded by a group of professionals who aim to build a leading firm that serves great purpose to the society.

The dedicated workforce behind Philnews.ph is in an all-time pursuit to deliver articles that are reader-friendly and, most importantly, that only clings to nothing less than facts.

Meet the Dedicated Team Behind Philnews.ph

The Founder

Jay Pabs, an educator and programming expert, is the founder of Philnews.ph as well as the owner of TechSoft IT Solutions. It’s his brilliance in programming and his untiring determination to continuously improve the work that were the major game changers in turning a discovery into a company that delivers to millions of Filipinos. His leadership and unlimited efforts undoubtedly lead the website to victoriously succeed in its pursuit of delivering beneficial contents to the people for more than a decade now.

Chief Operating Officer

Glenn Pabuaya, an expert in programming, is the operations chief of TechSoft It Solutions. For several years now, he oversees the over-all implementation of the operations in the company’s website and office. Aside from overseeing the total daily operation of the company, the COO constantly fulfills different tasks including the management of all the computers, the monitoring of everyone’s attendance, and the releasing of the team’s wages and incentives. His consistent efforts and hard work constantly ensure that everything is work-conducive for everyone in the team.

Office Manager

Aster Lois Salmorin, also an I.T. expert, is the office manager of TechSoft IT Solutions as well as the social media whiz. She oversees the outputs of the team ensuring the implementation of the mandates brought by the collective efforts to produce read-worthy articles. She is also the in-charge in the advertisement campaigns run by the company and the brain behind the strategic decisions on how to effectively distribute the writers’ outputs online.

The Writer’s Team

Van Garzon

An education graduate who took a major in English, Van Garzon is the head writer in the Educational and Finance sections. She has been with several journalism organizations that produced campus magazines and news outputs in the past and has continually traveled the path of being a word content creator by being with TechSoft for years now.

Jay-R Santiago

Jay-R Santiago is the website’s head writer in publishing news and viral contents. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, he is also the main man behind the website’s board exam result outputs. After the eight-hour duration for his fingers on the keyboard, Jay-R would often have them on guitar strings with music as his other thing.

Jeel Monde

A graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education, Jeel Monde is one of the senior writers for entertainment topics. She also had her years in a campus publication prior to taking a higher level of content writing. Writing has always been one of her main outlets.

Jhen G. Lim

Jhen G. Lim, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting, is also a senior writer for entertainment topics. Her work about the Hollywood and local celebrities are products of in-depth following and research of these famous stars. Aside from writing, she is also into arts and crafts.

Cristine Gardoce

An Information Technology (I.T.) graduate, Cristine Gardoce is the company’s head writer for technology product reviews. She goes in-depth on the latest trends, gadgets, and innovations in the ever-evolving world of technology. She provides clear and unbiased judgments to help the readers make wise purchases.

John Earl Navales

A graduate of architecture and education courses, John Earl Navales is the graphic artist of TechSoft It Solutions. He is the main man in monitoring the website’s lotto articles and in crafting customized images needed for the writer’s outputs.

Carlo Montero

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information System, Carlo Montero is the lead programmer and the lead developer of Philnews.ph . He constantly works closely with the company owner in managing the technical sides of the website operation. He is the main office in-charge with regards to the site’s programming following task mandates from the admin.

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