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Philippine News (Philnews.ph) is a Philippine-based news portal that caters the freshest reports in the field of politics, entertainment, sports, science and technology, business, lifestyle, and what’s trending on the social media.

Though the news portal is based in PH, it aims to deliver fair reports not only about the incidents that are happening within the country but as well as in the international arena. This news portal is targeting both Filipino and foreign readers who wish to know more about what is really going on around the globe.

TechSoft It Solutions, a private company in the Visayas Region, runs Philippine News (Philnews.ph) which is a source of reports of millions of readers since 2010. The company is funded by a group of professional entrepreneurs who aim to build a leading firm that serves great purpose to the society.

Philippine News (Philnews.ph) actually started out as a hobby blog before it became one of the constant news portals that deliver objective reports to the readers daily.

Although it is not manned by individuals who have taken degrees in journalism, the workforce behind it aims to deliver news reports that are comparable to the ones made by experts in the field of writing or, at least, have very few errors.

Nevertheless, the writers in this news portal are individuals who have always been inclined to writing and the people behind this news portal have always considered the primary goal at the center – to let you, the readers, know what you deserve to know.

About the People behind Philippine News (Philnews.ph)

The Admin

JayPabs is the admin of this news portal and as well as the company owner. He is the man who founded this news portal together with a friend in 2010. Aside from being the head in running the Philippine News, this person who puts all effort he can on the things that he is doing is also an expert in another field – programming. His skills in the said field coupled with his undying desire to learn new things and to keep on improving the site is one of the major factors why this hobby blog turned into being one of the constant news portals in the present. His dedication to Philippine News has made it survive more than seven years already.

The Office Manager

Glenn is the office manager who is in-charged of managing the office which includes the monitoring of the attendance of the employees, the maintenance of computers used in article publishing, and the giving of salaries to the employees. He is the one who upgrades the computers in the office so it would be more convenient to be used in achieving the tasks set daily. He is the brother of the company owner and has helped him in his venture since it started.

The Social Media Expert

Sly PJ is the social media expert of the news portal. He is the one managing and monitoring the social media pages of the site where some readers access the news reports. He is also managing the likes of the social media pages where the articles of the Philippine News are posted.

The Authors

Rue Bliss:

Rue Bliss is the screen name of one of the writers of Philippine News (Philnews.ph). She is a lover of books and and as well as a writing enthusiast. She also writes in a travel website, Travel Philippines, which is also run by the TechSoft IT Solutions.

Aside from writing, Rue Bliss loves to teach young kids. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED).

Josh Bianc:

Josh Bianc is the screen name of our Regular Employee #1. He is a graduating student who is taking Bachelor of Science in Social Work. Since he was on his first year, he already writes in Philippine News and his earnings from writing articles help support his schooling.

Sandy Ghaz:

Sandy Ghaz is the screen name of our Regular Employee #2. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) major in English. Writing is her p(–foul word(s) removed–)ion ever since and that p(–foul word(s) removed–)ion has made her stick to publications no matter what during her high school and college years.

Our Regular Employee #2 also writes in the travel website, Travel Philippines, run by the company.

Jay Nelz:

Jay Nelz is the screen name of our Regular Employee #3. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology. Aside from writing, his another hobby is playing guitar. Jay Nelz is an active member of his church and he uses his skills in playing guitar for praise and worship.

Jeel Monde:

Jeel Monde is the screen name of our Regular Employee #4. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education. She is also inclined to writing in her college years and was also a member of the school publication before. Writing is her p(–foul word(s) removed–)ion and she takes it as one of her outlets.

Jhen Green:

Jhen Green is the screen name of our Regular Employee #5. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting. Aside from writing, she is into making arts and crafts.

Our Regular Employee #5 occasionally writes in Philippine News as she is (–foul word(s) removed–)igned in another website.

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