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About Us

PhilNews.Ph is a Philippine-based news portal focusing on entertainment, sports, exam results, technology and social media topics which is highly relevant to the Filipino global community. We are here to provide with the latest news and information that matters not only for Filipinos locally but also for millions of expats living outside the country.

This website is owned and managed by TechSoft IT Solutions, one of the leading startup company in the country based in the Visayas Region. We are funded by a group of young entrepreneurs at their early twenties, who had a vision of putting PhilNews.Ph as the most engaged digital networks based in the Philippines.

PhilNews.Ph would like to take note that this website is not manned by journalists, but they aspire to be one. Most of our writers don’t have a degree in journalism or any English major. You may encounter some mistakes in grammar but rest assure that we will do everything we can to the best of our abilities to minimize those errors.

From its modest beginning as a simple hobby blog, PhilNews.ph grew into one of the leading news source in the country, cited by major news media organization such as ABS-CBN, Rappler and other news media company. Some of our writers are even cited in numerous articles that can be found in Wikipedia.

PhilNews.Ph consistently ranked in the Top 200 websites in the country based upon the current Alexa Rankings. We were able to achieved this milestones because of the continued support of the Global Filipino community. For the past six months this website was able to managed a total of 1 Million Unique Monthly Visitors and 2.5 Million Monthly Pageviews.

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About the Authors:

JayPabs: Admin

Ed Umbao:

A former OFW from the Kingdom of Saudi of Arabia for more than six years, left his full-time job although he earned more than 20-30K a month and ventured into blogging. According to him it was the best decision ever, despite the fact that he has no previous knowledge about journalism and blogging as a whole, through mentoring and self-study, he was able to achieved what other journalists and bloggers failed to achieved.

Ed Umbao is a son of a tuba-gatherer from Bantayan Island, graduated with a degree in Automotive Technology which is far from being a journalist. Although he aspire to be a journalist but what he achieved is just D’ Journalist (Daw Journalist).

He admitted that he is not perfect on his writing style and sometimes he failed in some aspects of grammars, nevertheless he try his luck and was able to inspire those who are not writers and journalist to write and earned a living through blogging. He believes in the art of Filipino ingenuity and felt sad with the Filipino’s fault-finding characters. Some of our fellow Filipinos are always looking for mistakes, but they never try to contribute and use their knowledge of perfect English grammar to earn a living and provide jobs for their fellows.

Note: Nilagay ko yong FB Page ko para naman madaling matunton ng mga Inggiterong Blogger. Sana naman friendly competition lang pagdating sa blogging, sayang Idol ko pa naman kayo, dati yon! Please lang walang takutan. Sa mga tumatangkilik maraming salamat, sa patuloy na suporta.


BlinkRemz is the screen name of our Regular Employee #6, a first year student from the Central Philippines University (CPU) in Iloilo City taking up Bachelors of Science in Social Work. He is a dean’s lister during his first year in college, the company employ him so that he can support his schooling in the near future.

Thea Echavarria: 

Author Thea is our Regular Employee #4, she is an aspiring singer and a band member. She is one of the company’s scholars, a former maid and daughter of a sugarcane farmer in Negros Occidental.


A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration graduate from Bacolod City, a former call center agent and our Regular Employee #8.

Student Interns:

Glenn I. (USLS), Jessie P. (University of San Agustin) John Rupert Dionela (PUP), Leo Aniscal (PUP)

Home-based Writers:

Ghadzella, Anadele, Beuahan, Tamlyn Joy (CHMSC), Raijin (CHMSC), Vince (WNU/CHMSC), Natz Perez

International Writers:

Christine Kane, Malik Atif, Bitts, PortZero and Tagneh

Brief History of Philippine News (PhilNews.Ph):

PhilNews.Ph was founded way back December 2010 but with a different brand and not the popular Philippine News we see right now. An aspiring blogger but seasoned programmer ventured into blogging with the help of international but cheap writers from India and Pakistan, that’s how PhilNews.Ph started.

The admin of this blog JayPabs, convinced one of his OFW friend to venture into blogging and write for a particular news website. This particular friend is the OFW, Ed Umbao, one of the blog’s main authors and co-founder of PhilNews.Ph.

Both co-founders admitted that they had lapses in terms of the English grammar, but they tried their best to deliver and they also employed some of their friends to write for their news website giving them compensation in returns, proving once and for all that although they were just starting they were able to provide jobs for their fellow Filipinos and not for international cheap writers from India and Pakistan.

The OFW co-founder decided to end his contract and focused into full-time blogging last January 2012. During this time, the company, TechSoft IT Solutions was registered with the Regional Office of the Department of Trade and Industry.

The two co-founders ventured into various niche in blogging but they found the gold mine last November 2012 when they registered PhilNews.Ph domain and focused their time and efforts to master SEO and Philippine ranking which proved fruitful.

Last September 2013, the company got it’s first taste of Angel Investment as Graduate Students from University of Saint La Salle Bacolod invested a huge amount of money to the TechSoft IT Solutions in exchange of company shares. The investment was used for our office, hiring full-time employees and full time writers and at the same time expanding our home-based initiatives.

Right now, we are glad to announced that PhilNews.Ph is not the only website we maintained, there are other websites under the umbrella of TechSoft IT Solutions.

Note: Now you know who we are, we are simply not perfect but earned a living through blogging. Are we an inspiration or a distraction? It’s up to you to decide, but first asked this question, why we got international advertisers, despite the fact that we are not good in the English language?

Thanks a lot for supporting us, the Imperfect News Media Organization in the Philippines owned and managed by D’ Journalist (Daw Journalist).