List of Most Popular Online Jobs in the Philippines

Online Jobs

Here is the List of Most Popular Online Jobs in the Philippines ONLINE JOBS – Here is the list of the most popular online jobs in the Philippines, which gives new wave of opportunities for Filipinos. Over the past few years, the landscape of employment has undergone a significant transformation. The rise of the internet … Read more

Breakup Season – Statistical Analysis Of Breakups

When Does Breakup Season Begin? BREAKUP SEASON – As Valentine’s day approaches, we should be expecting a lot of love, right? But, according to statistics, this might not always be the case. Based on a study conducted by David McCandless, there are two spikes for breakups throughout the year. McCandless and a colleague used data … Read more

Dinagyang Festival 2020 Schedule Of Activities In Iloilo

Here Is The List Of Activities For Dinagyang Festival 2020 In Iloilo DINAGYANG FESTIVAL 2020 – The annual religious festival of Iloilo City in honor of the Sto Niño (Holy Child) and the indigenous culture of the Panayanons. The festival is an inspired version of Ati-Atihan which features colorful parades coupled with the beat of drums. Dinagyang is … Read more

Love Horoscope For 2020 – New Beginnings, New Love?

Love Horoscope For 2020 – A Bit Of Guidance From The Stars LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR 2020 – New year, new me? Or maybe even a new year with a new love? Here’s what the stars tell about your love life this year. Even if you’re still on the search for the one you’re meant to … Read more

New Year’s Resolution – How To Achieve Your 2020 Goals

Simple Tips On How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution In 2020 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION – The end of the decade is closing in with merely days left for the year 2019. With this, people are starting to figure out what their new year’s resolution would be. However, it’s having a new year’s resolution is … Read more

Hugot Lines: Famous Lines Featured In Filipino Movies

Here are some of the Hugot Lines featured in Filipino movies Filipino movies, throughout the years, have featured famous lines which is now tagged in the present generation as Hugot Lines. These movie lines instilled in the minds of many viewers because of the words’ own power to the one listening. Here are some of … Read more

HUGOT LINES: Lists of 40+ Best Tagalog Hugot Lines

Hugot Lines

40+ Best Tagalog Hugot Lines You Can Surely Relate With HUGOT LINES – Here are lists of 40+ best Tagalog hugot lines that you can surely relate with. Filipinos are undeniably entertainers and creative thinkers. Those are obviously among the reasons why hugot lines have existed and become a trend in the Philippines. To some, these … Read more