Translate English To Tagalog “Parsley”

TRANSLATE ENGLISH TO TAGALOG – Does “parsley” have a Filipino translation?

When it comes to certain food most especially vegetables, most of us are more familiar with their English terms. It is maybe because it is widely-used in the universal language.

One of the vegetables that its Tagalog counterpart would make anyone think twice is parsley. In this article, we will learn if there is really a Tagalog counterpart for it.

What is a “parsley”?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, parsley is a herb with flat green leaves. Some have curly leaves and they are often used to add flavor in cooking certain dishes or for food decoration.

 What is parsley in Tagalog?

After knowing about the exact meaning of the word, surely many of us want to know the Tagalog translation of the word parsley.

English to Tagalog
Parsley = Parsley

Parsley actually has no Tagalog counterpart. It is also called parsley in Tagalog.

Examples of sentences using the word parsley:

1. Mom asked me to buy some parsley in the market.

2. Is parsley your favorite vegetable?

3. The parsley sold at the grocery is very fresh since the stocks have just arrived.

4. How many bunch of parsley did you buy?

5. Nicholo does not like to eat parsley, cabbage, lettuce, and other green vegetables.

Translate English To Tagalog Parsley

Mga halimbawa ng mga pangungusap na gumagamit ng salitang parsley:

1. Nagluto si Nanay ng sinabawang manok na may parsley.

2. Maraming bitamina ang makukuha sa parsley.

3. May tanim ba kayong parsley sa hardin niyo?

4. Bumili ng parsley at papatas si Brandon para sa ulam na lulutuin niya mamaya.

5. Maraming parsley ang tinitinda ngayon sa palengke.

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