ENGLISH-TAGALOG TRANSLATE: Tagalog Translation of ‘Versace’

ENGLISH-TAGALOG TRANSLATE: What is the Tagalog translation of the word Versace?

ENGLISH-TAGALOG TRANSLATE – Is there a Tagalog translation of the term “Versace”?

When Bruno Mars’ 2016 song Versace on the Floor became a hit, lots of people initially wondered on what is “Versace”. In the case of the song, the word refers to an Italian brand of dress.

Meanwhile, if placed in a different context, versace may have a different meaning. Urban Dictionary refers to it as a word describing a countless number of sloanes or individuals who usually wander the streets.

Between the two meanings mentioned above, the word is more commonly known as a brand of dress. Therefore, it has no Tagalog translation as it is a noun and can be used in English, Tagalog, or any other language.

English-Tagalog Translate Versace Tagalog Translation

The nearest Tagalog translation for Versace would be “damit” or dress based on its meaning.

English: Versace | Tagalog: Damit

Examples of Sentences using the word “Versace”:

  1.  Roy will be the one to pay for your Versace gown for the ball.
  2.  The Versace branch nearest to the office does not open on weekends.
  3.  I gifted her with a Versace.
  4.  A red Versace of any design is Ryka’s wish on her 19th birthday.
  5.  Stacy looks more beautiful in the white Versace than on the green one.
  6.  Use my credit card for that Versace dress you want.

English-Tagalog Translate: Tagalog Counterparts of Sentences Using the Word “Versace”:

1. Michelle and Anne went to the nearest Versace store to look for their outfit for the party.  | Sina Michelle at Anne ay pumunta sa pinakamalapit na istor ng Versace upang maghanap ng susuotin nila para sa party.

2. All of her dresses are bought from Versace. |  Lahat ng kanyang mga damit ay bili sa Versace.

3. You look prettier on that Versace dress. | Mag lalo kang gumanda sa Versace na damit na iyan.

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