TRANSLATE ENGLISH TO TAGALOG: English To Tagalog Of “Eyelid”

Translate English To Tagalog – What is the Tagalog of eyelid?

TRANSLATE ENGLISH TO TAGALOG – Here is the Filipino translation of the English word “eyelid”.

When it comes to the parts of the body, we are undeniably more familiar to their English names most especially the parts we seldom talk about. Among them are the eyelids, the nape, and the collar.

Many of us struggle in translating them to their Tagalog counterpart. That is why in this article, we will take it one step at a time.

What is an “eyelid”?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the eyelid is the part of the body refers to the skin on the top of our eyes. Each eyed has a skin that close over it.

 What is eyelid in Tagalog?

After knowing about the exact meaning of the word, surely many of us want to know the Tagalog translation of the word eyelid.

English to Tagalog
Eyelid = Takipmata

Examples of sentences using the word eyelid:

1. Carl really took his chin up to his eyelids from his father.

2. The doctor check on the back of Joanna’s eyelids to see if there is something wrong.

3. Paulo unexpectedly threw the ball too hard that it landed on the eyelid of his teammate.

4. The eyelid is located on top of the eye.

5. Sherry put on a green make-up on his eyelid.

Translate English To Tagalog Eyelid

Mga halimbawa ng mga pangungusap na gumagamit ng salitang takipmata:

1. Nangangati raw ang takipmata niya kaya hindi niya napigilan.

2. Kinagat ng bubuyog ang kaliwang takipmata ni Samuel.

3. Masakit pa ba ang takipmata mo?

4. Ibinura ng tatay ni Jane ang mga kolorete sa kanyang takipmata noong makita niya ito.

5. Kilalang-kilala ko siya kahit pa takipmata lang niya ang nakalabas.

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