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Baste Duterte

Baste Duterte Joins His Father's Presidential Trip Baste Duterte has joined his Father’s presidential overseas trip to Russia together with his sister Kitty and Honeylet Avanceña. President Rodrigo Duterte will have his official visit to Russia and his son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte join his foreign trip for the first time. Malacañang Palace also confirmed that [...]

bea alonzo

Beautiful actress Bea Alonzo take a throwback as to how she started as an actress in the entertainment industry. BEA ALONZO - The Kapamilya Bea Alonzo actress recalled her acting  journey before she got to where she is now in show business. The recall of her journey was shared and posted by the Youtube Channel [...]

driving law

Funny photos with regards to the new Anti-Distracted Diving Law went viral and is making rounds of noise in social media community. FUNNY PHOTOS - Funny reactions of Filipino men about the new law which is the Anti-Distracted Driving Law are taken hilariously as spotted on the internet. According to the report of the FHM, [...]


A huge halo-halo was discovered at Estancia in Iloilo City, could it possible be qualified to be a part of the Guiness World Record? HALO-HALO - A very huge halo-halo was mixed during the Halo-halo festival. Halo-halo is indeed a perfect cooling food under the fiery and burning heat of the sun most especially during [...]

Ariana Grande's Manila Concert

PNP Tightens Security For Ariana Grande's Manila Concert After Manchester Blast Leaving At Least 19 People Dead The Philippine National Police (PNP) has tightened its security for Ariana Grande's Manila Concert after the Manchester blast during her last concert. Previously, at least 19 people died in a bomb explosion during the concert of the American [...]

gretchen ho

Gretchen Ho reacts to the issue that something is allegedly gong on in between Robi Domingo, her former boyfriend, and Sandara Park. GRETCHEN HO - The host and former volleyball player Gretchen Ho breaks silence about Robi Domingo being linked to the Korean star Sandara Park. According to the news report made by Push ABS-CBN, [...]

Newly Implemented Laws

7 Violators Of Newly Implemented Laws Has Been Arrested By LTO The Land Transportation Office (LTO-7) has nabbed at least 7 people who violated the newly implemented laws that you also need to know. LTO is a Philippine government agency under the Department of Transportation (DOT), which is the responsible for all land transportation in [...]

great genes

The good looks of father and son Daniel and Rommel Padilla proves to have great genes running in their family. GREAT GENES - The father and son celebrity Daniel Padilla and Rommel Padilla photos shows the great genes that is running their family. According to the feature report of the ABS-CBN, they have spotted at [...]

mutya orquia

From being a 'bulilit', Mutya Orquia is now growing to be a very beautiful lady! MUTYA ORQUIA - Rueleen Angel Olano or very well known by the people on her screen name as Mutya Orquia is now dominating the path as she grows to be a very beautiful lady. Mutya has rose to fame because [...]

Manchester Concert

The people who attended the Manchester concert of Ariana Grande were moved by an unexpected blast. MANCHESTER CONCERT - Families and friends of Ariana Grande concertgoers used the social media to look for their loved ones whom they cannot contact. The blast that happened after the concert of the famous American pop singer and actress [...]