Criminology Student Runs Amok After Electricity is Cut Off

Criminology Student

Criminology Student’s Outburst Goes Viral After Alleged Power Disconnection Incident A criminology student has garnered reactions online after allegedly causing a scene when the electricity was reportedly cut off. “Amok” refers to a state of sudden and uncontrolled violent behavior. It is often used to describe someone who has become extremely angry or agitated and … Read more

Construction Worker Touches Hearts w/ Request for Birthday Discount on Roast Chicken

Construction Worker

Construction Worker Asking for Birthday Discount on Roast Chicken Touches Netizens A construction worker touches the hearts of netizens with his heartfelt request for a discount on a roast chicken for his child’s birthday. Recently, Jacqueline Quibuyen, a Facebook user, shared photos of a construction worker asking discount for a ‘lechon manok’. The post went … Read more

Dog Owner Surprised After Pet Brings Home “Lechon Manok”

Dog Owner

Dog Owner Expresses Surprise After Fur Baby Surprised Him w/ Lechon Manok LECHON MANOK – A dog owner was surprised when his beloved pet brought home an unexpected “pasalubong”: a hot roast chicken. Recently, Nick Hendrickson Labajo, a Facebook user shared an extraordinary experience when his pet dog brings home a hot roast chicken. The … Read more

Senior Citizen Stabbed Eight Times for Refusing to Lend Money

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen Who Refused to Lend Money Stabbed Eight Times UTANG ISSUE – A lady senior citizen was stabbed eight times after refusing to lend money in Pidigan, Abra. “Utang” is a Filipino term that means “debt” or “loan.” It refers to the act of borrowing money or other resources with a promise to pay … Read more

Family Leaves Trash in Fast-Food Chain Due to “Bad Service”

Fast-Food Chain

Fast-Food Crew Expresses Disappointment After Family Leaves Trash Inside Establishment Due to “Bad Service” A family earns reactions online after leaving a mess in a popular fast-food restaurant, citing poor service as their reason. Recently, the Facebook page “Serbis Kru” shared a photo of a mess left at a popular fast-food chain. The post immediately … Read more