Kind Tricycle Driver Gives Free Ride During Birthday

Kind Tricycle Driver

Netizens Praise Kind Tricycle Driver For Giving Free Ride During Birthday A kind tricycle driver goes viral and earns praise from the online community after giving a free ride to commuters on his birthday. Kindness is a type of conduct characterized by deeds of charity, consideration, helping others, or showing concern for others without hoping … Read more

TikToker to Dirty Linen Photoshoot “Bakit hindi niyo binigyan ng upuan si Xyriel”

Dirty Linen

TikToker Reacts to Dirty Linen Photo After Noticing Xyriel Manabat Without Chair A TikToker expresses his hilarious reaction to the photo of teleserye ‘Dirty Linen’; “Bakit hindi niyo binigyan ng upuan si Xyriel” A Philippine drama series entitled Dirty Linen is now showing on Kapamilya Channel. It is directed by Onat Diaz and Andoy Ranay … Read more

PANDESAL O TAKOYAKI? Female Customer Flexes Spoon-Sized Pandesal

Female Customer

Female Customer Flexes Spoon-Sized Pandesal PANDESAL O TAKOYAKI – A female customer has flexed the spoon-sized pandesal she bought from a bakeshop worth P2.00. Over the past few years, the inflation or rising cost of basic commodities and other products becomes one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but also in different regions all … Read more

2 Dogs Patiently Wait for Their Owner who Passed Away Goes Viral

2 Dogs Goes Viral as They Patiently Wait for Their Owner Who Passed Away Two (2) loyal dogs touch netizens’ hearts as they patiently wait for their owner who allegedly passed away recently. The non-governmental group Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) posted the two dogs who are still waiting in the residence of the deceased fur … Read more