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A photo of a papaya tree which bore guava fruits is currently making rounds online and is taking the internet by storm. Take a look at the photo below courtesy of RMN Iloilo. The photo had gone viral online with more than a hundred reactions as of posting. It also generated mixed comments from the [...]

Pinoy Celebrities

Pinoy Celebrities Expressed Reactions, Offered Prayers About Ongoing Battle In Marawi City Pinoy celebrities react to the ongoing battle happening in Marawi City right now prompting President Rodrigo Duterte to declare ‘Martial Law’. Numerous Filipino TV personalities have expressed their reactions to the ongoing clash between the government forces and the Maute terror groups in Mindanao. [...]


Nurses Fight Inside Operating Room In The Middle Of A Surgery The video of nurses who breaks into a fight inside the operating room while the surgery is ongoing goes viral after it was posted in the social media. Patients inside the hospital need silence, peace, and extra care from their family, friends, relatives, and [...]

Akyat Bahay Gang

Video Of Akyat Bahay Gang Gets Failed This CCTV footage shows how the Akyat Bahay gang plan gets failed to perform their illegal activities inside of their target house. Nowadays, the rate of criminality continues to increase including robbery, which is very alarming. In some cases, robbery also includes murder, so individuals were advised to [...]

Vice Ganda

The Filipino Comedian Vice Ganda Noticed Something Unusual While Watching Top Rating Teleserye “Ang Probinsyano” The Filipino actor, comedian, and TV host Vice Ganda tweeted the things he noticed while watching the top rating teleserye “Ang Probinsyano”. Vice Ganda and Coco Martin were known as good friends after working together in some films including ‘Beauty [...]

Tabo Boy’s Dream Trip

Tabo Boy’s Dream Trip To Boracay Comes To Reality With The Help Of A Generous Sponsor Rafael-Nonog Gomez or known as Tabo Boy’s dream trip to Boracay comes to reality with the help of a generous sponsor named Tong Yangco. Previously, the photo of Gomez bathing using a ‘Tabo’ or dipper in front of a Boracay [...]

SUV Driver

SUV Driver Slammed By Netizen After Hit, Run Case With Motorcycle Rider The social media users slammed an SUV driver who hit and run a motorcycle rider who becomes speechless after the incident. Accident is one of the most popular causes of death not only in the Philippines but all around the world. Motorists were [...]

Soy Sauce Pouch

Netizen "Daisuke Hunter Mallare" Found Something Disgusting Inside Popular Soy Sauce Pouch A netizen named Daisuke Hunter Mallare found something disgusting inside a soy sauce pouch of her neighborhood, Lola Lily Salcedo. Nowadays, countless manufactured food products containing disgusting elements and other unpleasant objects are making rounds in the social media. The users who posted those [...]

Crazy Sea Lion

The Video Of Little Girl Pulled By Crazy Sea Lion Underwater Goes Viral The shocking video of a little girl dragged by a crazy sea lion underwater goes viral after it was posted in the social media. Sea lions are some of the sea creatures tamed by humans.  These sea mammals are living in subarctic [...]

Call Center Agent

Watch The Creepy Video Of A Headless Man Captured By Call Center Agent On Camera A call center agent named John Almer Aurelio captured a creepy video of a headless man on the rooftop on the camera of his iPhone. Nowadays, there are numerous social media users posting creepy photos and videos including headless people [...]