Kind-Hearted Police Officers Show Compassion to Elderly Man

Kind-Hearted Police Officers

Kind-Hearted Police Officers Earn Praise Online For Showing Compassion to Elderly Man GOOD SAMARITAN – Several kind-hearted police officers displayed an act compassion and provide some cash assistance to an elderly man. Kindness is like a magical force that can brighten up even the darkest days. It’s a special power that each of us possesses, … Read more

Die-hard Fans Cried Due to KathNiel Breakup

Die-hard Fans

Die-hard Kathniel Fans Shed Tears After News Came Out That The Famous Celebrity Couple Is Now Separated KATHNIEL BREAKUP – Die-hard fans cried after it was reported that the celebrity couple, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, have parted ways. The breakup of real-life couple Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo took the social media world by … Read more

Anthony Taberna Jokingly Announces Break From Work After KathNiel Breakup

Anthony Taberna

Pinoy Broadcast Journalist Anthony Taberna to Take Break From Work After KathNiel Breakup? The Pinoy broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna jokingly announced his temporary absence from work after KathNiel breakup. Over the past few months, KathNiel has been one of the most controversial topics online due to their rumored breakup. The issue sparked debates online but … Read more

Rosmar Tan Reveals Herself as BIR Ambassadress, Claims Paying Her Taxes

Rosmar Tan

Social Media Personality Rosmar Tan Reveals Herself as BIR Ambassadress ROSMAR TAN – The popular internet personality revealed herself as BIR ambassadress and confirmed that she’s paying her taxes. In the previous days, the business tycoon became one of the most controversial personalities after revealing her monthly income during an interview with Toni Gonzaga. From … Read more

Disturbing Video: Rat Caught Drinking from Office’s Water Dispenser Raises Health Concerns


Disturbing Video of Rat Drinking From Office’s Water Dispenser Elicits Reactions Online The disturbing video footage of a rat caught drinking from an office water dispenser raises health concerns. The Facebook page “Brigada PH” shared a disturbing video capturing a rat drinking from an office water dispenser has stirred worry online, giving light on what … Read more

Couple Goes Viral Over Trending Wedding Tradition “Dulot/Sabit”


Lovely Couple Elicits Reactions Online for Flexing Trending Wedding Tradition “Dulot/Sabit” A lovely couple goes viral online and elicits reactions from the netizens over the trending wedding tradition known as “Dulot or Sabit”. A wedding is a magical day filled with love, laughter, and promises for the future. It’s a special event where two people … Read more

Motorist Criticized for Assaulting Traffic Enforcers During Apprehension


Raging Motorist Assaults Traffic Enforcers During Apprehension, Suspect Arrested A hot-headed motorist received a massive amount of criticisms for assaulting traffic enforcers during apprehension. Traffic enforcers protect our roadways by controlling the flow of vehicles and pedestrians to avoid congestion and accidents. Their role is controlling intersections, guiding drivers, and ensuring that traffic rules are … Read more

Xian Gaza Claims KathNiel Breakup Is Confirmed

xian gaza kathniel

Xian Gaza shared a post about the KathNiel tandem Social media personality Xian Gaza claimed that KathNiel, the reel and real-life tandem Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, was already confirmed. These past few weeks, the online community has been talking about the rumored breakup of Kathryn and Daniel. Amid this issue, Andrea Brillantes got involved … Read more

Lady Traffic Enforcer Shows Compassion to Elderly Woman

Traffic Enforcer

The online community lauded a lady traffic enforcer who showed compassion to an elderly woman in Silay City Negros Occidental. The traffic personnel identified as Mariel Lozada Capablanca treat an elderly woman with a free meal. The public servant extended a helping hand, even though she didn’t know the senior citizen personally.