Japan Visa Free Entry for Tourists Resumes after more than 2 Years

Japan Visa Free

JAPAN VISA FREE – The Japanese government has once again opened the country for travelers after more than two (2) years of strict restrictions. Several countries closed their borders from tourists amid the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of these is Japan which imposed strict restrictions on travelers for two (2) and a half … Read more

Till When Is Taiwan Visa Free? Here are details…

Till When Is Taiwan Visa Free

TILL WHEN IS TAIWAN VISA FREE – Here are some details about the visa-free entry to Taiwan offered to Filipino tourists. One of the countries that Filipinos can visit visa-free is Taiwan. However, recently, such offer was put on hold. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Consular Affairs of Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry Affairs recently gave a heads … Read more

Is Taiwan Visa-Free for Filipino Extended? Foreign Affairs Issues Statement

Is Taiwan Visa-Free for Filipino Extended

IS TAIWAN VISA-FREE FOR FILIPINO EXTENDED – Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Bureau of Consular Affairs released a statement. Taiwan is one of the nations that has opened its borders to Filipinos visa-free. However, early in September, the country has temporarily suspended the visa-free entry for several nations including the Philippines. Based on a recent … Read more

Try Mermaid Course: Wanna Become A Certified Mermaid?

try mermaid course

Try Mermaid Course will give you a unique underwater experience Try Mermaid Course – Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid? Visit this school that will teach you to become one. Mermaids are among the most-loved characters by many kids and kids at heart as well. Nowadays, there are people who are actually taking … Read more