ENGLISH-TAGALOG TRANSLATE: Tagalog Translation of ‘Email’

ENGLISH-TAGALOG TRANSLATE: What is the Tagalog translation of the word Email?

ENGLISH-TAGALOG TRANSLATE – The Tagalog translation of the English term “Email” is “Sulatroniko”.

Nowadays, many of us own an email account. That is because of the advanced technology that we have now.

According to Collins, the said term refers to a system that is utilized in sending messages. Messages stored in the said system is also called the same.

However, because of the rampant use of the English language, many of use may not be aware of the Tagalog translation of Email. What is really Email in Tagalog?

English-Tagalog Translate Email Tagalog Translation

The Tagalog translation for ‘Email’ is Sulatroniko.

English: Email | Tagalog: Sulatroniko

Examples of Sentences using the word “Email”:

  1. I keep receiving email messages from Mr. Courtyard.
  2. The email was deleted unintentionally.
  3. Anthony sent Rex an email a day after he arrived in Florence.

Mga Halimbawa ng Pangungusap na gumagamit ng salitang “Sulatroniko”:

  1. Huwag mong kalimutang humingi ng kopya ng sulatrokino.
  2. Nakatanggap siya ng sulatroniko mula sa kanyang ama sa Estado Unidos.
  3. Walong sulatroniko ang ipinadala ni Niño kay Sam.

English-Tagalog Translate: Tagalog Counterparts of Sentences Using the Word “Email”:

1. I have not yet opened the three emails sent to me.  | Hindi ko pa nabubuksan ang tatlong sulatroniko na ipinadala sa akin.

2. Troy did not intend to trash the emails of Franco for Mel. |   Hindi sinasadya ni Troy na mabura ang mga sulatroniko ni Franco para kay Mel.

3. Until now, Christopher has yet to receive the email from the company. | Hanggang ngayon, hindi pa rin nakakatanggap ng sulatroniko si Christoper mula sa kompanya.

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