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Unbelievable as it may seem, this lady had tricked the vendor when she stole away the money but the act was caught on camera. UNBELIEVABLE - The trick of this lady in order to steal money from the vendor is unbelievable and was caught on camera. The video of the lady stealing from the vendor [...]

martial law

A video of a man with regards to the Martial Law went viral and hooked the attention of the online community. MARTIAL LAW - The video of a guy with a funny reaction about the recently declared Martial Law of the president in the entirety of Mindanao went viral. The above stated video was posted [...]

A video of US President Donald Trump trying to hold the hand of his wife, Melania, is currently making rounds online and is taking the internet by storm. But Melania allegedly slapped the hand of Donald Trump as he tried to reach it. Watch the video below. Meanwhile, the video of them walking down an [...]


BJ 'Tolits' Forbes, the cute little kid on the Tide commercial had grown up to be a handsome man. TOLITS - BJ 'Tolits' Forbes is the cute little kid in a Tide commercial and is now not a kid anymore but a young handsome man instead. Remember the commercial from Tide on 2008 where a [...]

A video of a marine officer named Jaxon McClure singing unto Brian McKnight's hit single, "Back at One" is making rounds online anew. According to him, he is "using his singing talents to try and get up-and-coming pop starlet Tori Kelly to be his date." Watch the video below. Meanwhile, his rendition had gone viral [...]


A Youtube Channel has spotted 10 celebrities who are allegedly gays. GAYS - Indeed, there are a lot of handsome actors in the entertainment industry who make every girls scream but allegedly some of them are gays, find out who are they! According to the video posted and shared by the Youtube Channel Dalton Channel, [...]


A netizen from the Mindanao has a revelation as to their real situation on the place because of the terrorist attack. REVELATION - Chito Samontina, a netizen from the Mindanao where a terrorist attack has been recently held reveals their real situation and his stand about the declared Martial Law on their place. According to [...]

Expectation versus reality is actually frustrating. And speaking, this student made his classmates envious with his Jollibee meal for lunch but a surprising treat awaits his classmates. Watch the video below. You'll surely laugh out loud. https://www.facebook.com/filipinodubsofficial/videos/1962528740644797 By the time he opened his Jollibee lunch box, a tomatoe, salted egg and fried fish flaunted. Meanwhile, [...]


'Awra Briguela' of the Koronadal City went viral as he poses for the camera like that of a model. KORONADAL  CITY, PHILIPPINES - A boy from the Koronadal City went viral as he was tagged along by the netizens as the 'Awra Briguela' of the said town. The post was shared by the netizen Domz [...]

A video of Jollibee traffic enforcing is currently making rounds online and is taking the internet by storm. In a video which was uploaded by a netizen named Iya Villarta, Jollibee can be seen helping the people cross the road. Watch the video below. https://www.facebook.com/iyavee/videos/10210417128077808/ The video had gone viral already with more than 94,000 [...]