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Goats Graduation

Video of Goats Going Up the Stage Goes Viral GOATS – A video showing four goats on the stage during a supposed graduation ceremony went viral on the social media. March and April are the months usually intended for graduation ceremonies in the different schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines. Starting the last week [...]

jeepney driver smoking

 Netizen’s Complaint Over A Jeepney Driver’s Behavior Goes Viral on Social Media JEEPNEY DRIVER – A social media post entailing a complaint of a passenger about a smoking jeepney driver caught the attention of the netizens on Facebook. It is no secret to the people that smoking really has negative effects on one’s health. Sadly, [...]

Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel padilla

Kathryn Bernardo’s Loveteam Partner Daniel Padilla Experiences Call of Nature in the midst of Press Con KATHRYN BERNARDO – A video of La Luna Sangre stars Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, and Richard Gutierrez hooked the netizens attention. One of the most prominent tandems now is the ‘KathNiel’ – the team up of young Kapamilya stars Kathryn [...]


Video of Arab Man Goes Viral on Social Media ARAB – A video showing an Arab man who is fluent in speaking in Tagalog and in the dialect of Bicolano’s went viral on social media. The people who are residing in the Philippines are not just Filipinos alone. There are lots of foreigners who are [...]

Boy Wonder of Billiards

Video of ‘Boy Wonder of Billiards’ Goes Viral on Social Media BILLIARDS – A video showing the skills of ‘Boy Wonder of Billiards’ in playing the sports left the netizens on social media in awe. Playing billiards is not easy for everyone. There are people who really have great skills in the said sports and [...]

Chinese Boss Video

Netizens React To Video of Chinese Boss Hurting His Employee CHINESE BOSS – A video showing a Chinese boss hurting allegedly one of his restaurant employees hooked the attention of netizens on the social media. To see your sibling being hurt by another person is surely a painful scene to witness. Most likely, that is [...]


Pikotaro Introduces New Dance Steps Following PPAP PIKOTARO – Following the trending Pen Pineapple Apple Pen or the PPAP, Pikotaro is now introducing new dance steps that will, most likely, become another dance craze. One of the dance crazes that surely many people won’t forget is the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen or more commonly known [...]


Filipino’s Conversation With 54-Year-Old Foreigner Living In Canada Goes Viral FILIPINO – A conversation between a Filipino and a 54-year-old foreigner living in Canada went viral on social media. Communicating with people in other countries now is possible and easier because of the advancement of technology. That is why lots of people have the chance [...]

Tasha Zuniga Bullying Video

Tasha Zuniga’s Family Shares Female Student’s Current Situation TASHA ZUNIGa – The family of female student Tasha Zuniga who was involved in a viral ‘bullying’ video gave an update regarding her situation now. Many of the netizens on social media were left disappointed last week after a ‘bullying’ video crossed the online platform. Based on a [...]

Al Moralde Gwapo Video

Video of Al Moralde Goes Viral on Social Media AL MORALDE – A video of netizen Al Moralde revealing the struggles that he’s facing because of being “gwapo” went viral on social media. Recently, on Facebook, a video caught the attention of netizens and spread rapidly online. It is a video of Al Moralde from [...]