Security Dragged Out Marcos Critics Staging Protest in New York

Marcos Critics Dragged Out for Staging Protest in Asia Society Museum in New York Critics of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr were dragged out by security personnel at the Asia Society Museum in New York for staging a protest. President Marcos was invited to deliver an address on the occasion of this week’s United Nations … Read more

Student in Bulacan Using Unicycle Just to Go to School Goes Viral

Student in Bulacan Touches Netizens’ Heart for Using Unicycle Going to School Video footage of a female student in Bulacan riding a unicycle going to her school went viral on social media and touches the heart of netizens. On Facebook, a concerned internet user by the name of Jonathan Paa posted a heartwarming but proud … Read more

Lady Teacher Goes Viral for Teaching Students ‘wag na wag silang magsisinungaling’

Lady Teacher

Netizens React to Lady Teacher Teaching Students ‘wag na wag silang magsisinungaling’ A lady teacher from Batangas City goes viral online for teaching her students ‘wag na wag silang magsisinungaling’. In both public and private schools, teachers are employed to teach young students academic subjects. They were responsible for assisting students in acquiring wisdom, skill, … Read more

Supermarket Crew Earns Praises for Assisting Customer Looking for “Farmer Sanchez”

Supermarket Crew

Supermarket Crew Assists Customer Looking for “Farmer Sanchez”, He Earned Praises Online for Excellent Customer Service GROCERY EMPLOYEE – A supermarket crew earned praises online after assisting a customer looking for ‘farmer sanchez’. A Facebook user named Jun Aldovino ha shared the video footage of his friend looking for a mystery item called ‘farmer sanchez’. … Read more

Furious Customer Attacks Convenience Store’s Crew After His Shirt Gets Dirty

Furious Customer

Video of Furious Customer Attacking Convenience Store’s Crew After His Shirt Gets Dirty Elicits Criticisms Online A furious customer earns criticisms online for attacking the crew of a convenience store after his shirt gets dirty. The Facebook page “Reportage” has shared video footage of a raging customer who attacked an employee of a convenience store. … Read more

KUMAKAIN NG KANAL – Unfaithful Husband & Other Woman in Viral Video Arrested

Unfaithful Husband

Police Arrests Unfaithful Husband and His Mistress Woman in Viral Video KUMAKAIN NG KANAL – The unfaithful husband and his other woman in viral video have been arrested by the police authorities. Previously, the video footage of a raging wife who caught her partner having an intimate moment with another woman immediately spread like a … Read more

Wife Catches Partner “Kumakain ng Kanal” Inside Motel Room


Raging Wife Catches Unfaithful Partner “Kumakain ng Kanal” of Another Woman Inside Motel Room A furious wife catches her beloved partner having an intimate moment with another woman inside a motel room. Nowadays, the third-party issue is one of the most controversial topics not only in the Philippines but also in various nations all around the world. Cheating is … Read more