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Expectation versus reality is actually frustrating. And speaking, this student made his classmates envious with his Jollibee meal for lunch but a surprising treat awaits his classmates. Watch the video below. You'll surely laugh out loud. https://www.facebook.com/filipinodubsofficial/videos/1962528740644797 By the time he opened his Jollibee lunch box, a tomatoe, salted egg and fried fish flaunted. Meanwhile, [...]


'Awra Briguela' of the Koronadal City went viral as he poses for the camera like that of a model. KORONADAL  CITY, PHILIPPINES - A boy from the Koronadal City went viral as he was tagged along by the netizens as the 'Awra Briguela' of the said town. The post was shared by the netizen Domz [...]

A video of Jollibee traffic enforcing is currently making rounds online and is taking the internet by storm. In a video which was uploaded by a netizen named Iya Villarta, Jollibee can be seen helping the people cross the road. Watch the video below. https://www.facebook.com/iyavee/videos/10210417128077808/ The video had gone viral already with more than 94,000 [...]

Akyat Bahay Gang

Video Of Akyat Bahay Gang Gets Failed This CCTV footage shows how the Akyat Bahay gang plan gets failed to perform their illegal activities inside of their target house. Nowadays, the rate of criminality continues to increase including robbery, which is very alarming. In some cases, robbery also includes murder, so individuals were advised to [...]

A video shared and uploaded by a netizen went viral when this kind-hearted crew did this to the old man. CREW - A video went viral when an employee of a famous fast-food chain helped the old man who is eating. According to the video posted shared by the netizen, Bratty Bhabes, on her Facebook [...]

Funny story

A video of an old man telling a funny story went viral on the social media. FUNNY STORY - An old man shared the fictional story of two drunkards who died but were sent to life again. Recently, a video that hooked netizens' attention was posted on the Facebook page Berto. The caption stated that [...]

Pepel Ozusa

Netizen Pepel Ozusa took to social media three videos. PEPEL OZUSA - A netizen posted on the social media three videos that show the man who allegedly harassed his wife. The videos were posted on the Facebook account of Pepel Ozusa. In the caption, the netizen warned the residents of Barangay Bugo, Cagayan de Oro [...]

jinkee pacquiao

Beauty transformation of the wife of the most prominent boxer in the Philippines Jinkee Pacquiao. JINKEE PACQUIAO - Take a peek at the before and after photos of Jinkee Pacquiao,the wife of the boxer who is now a senator Manny Pacquiao. A video has been shared and posted by the Youtube Channel iReeview showing the then [...]

Crazy Sea Lion

The Video Of Little Girl Pulled By Crazy Sea Lion Underwater Goes Viral The shocking video of a little girl dragged by a crazy sea lion underwater goes viral after it was posted in the social media. Sea lions are some of the sea creatures tamed by humans.  These sea mammals are living in subarctic [...]


A comparison has been made between the mansion of the two famous boxers, see for yourself as to who's  grander. MANSION - The  mansion of the two famous boxers in the world was no joke in prices as it talks in million, now, see  for yourself as to whose mansion is grander. Boxing is indeed [...]