Pinoy Christmas Songs & Some Fun Facts You May Yet To Know

Pinoy Christmas Songs

List of Pinoy Christmas Songs, their Artists & Some Fun Facts PINOY CHRISTMAS SONGS – Here is a list of some Filipino Christmas songs and some fun facts about these songs that many people don’t know. Filipinos are not only into noche buena food preparations as well as the planning of the best Christmas games … Read more

JK Labajo Reveals Maureen Wroblewitz’s Role In His Song ‘Ere’

jk labajo maureen wroblewitz

JK Labajo talked about the inspiration behind his song ‘Ere‘ Kapamilya singer-actor JK Labajo revealed the role of his ex-girlfriend model-actress Maureen Wroblewitz in his recent hit song Ere. JK and Maureen were together as a couple for two years. However, in June 2022, they officially announced their breakup. Based on their statements, it appeared … Read more

Moira Dela Torre Shares Her New Album Is ‘Most Honest’

moira dela torre

Moira dela Torre is set to release her new album Singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre shared that her new album is the “most honest” that she has ever made. Moira is tagged “hugot queen” because of her emotional songs or “hugot songs” which have become theme songs of many people, especially those who are going through … Read more