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Say Happy 20th Birthday to World Wide Web Today

A birthday is where everyone comes from. It’s a day of beginning, a start of a new and everlasting creation. Yes. Today is someone’s birthday to be celebrated. It’s the 20th World Wide Web’s birthday today. And you are invited of course in reminiscing the past where all of these Hi-Tech stuffs came from. There [...]

Twitter Upgrades to HTML5 interface for iPad

Goodbye to “Old Twitter”, say Hi to “New Twitter”. You can now check  Tweets via your iPad without any official app. Almost one year ago when the Twitter announced a major redesigning in their website and launch the new version of Twitter, but still the user can still have the choice if which version should [...]

Cloud Hosting

Are you a webmaster and having a problem with your web hosting? VPS.net is the answer to your problem. Since I started this website, one of the questions I ask if whether my web hosting (previous hosting) can maintain the demand of traffic and the CPU usage that I consume every day. After two months [...]

What is the Best Web Hosting?

With today’s competition, it’s very hard to find a solution which is the best among others. This is true with web hosting. A lot of companies are now competing in terms of price, disk space, bandwidth, and the like. If you are an above average user on the internet and have some experience on web [...]