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Genesis Transport Inc.

Genesis Transport Inc. Latest Bus Lines Provides Airplane-Style Features The latest bus lines of Genesis Transport Inc. provides airplane-style features and entertainment on board as they leveled up their services. Riding a bus is one of the most common ways of transportation not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the [...]

Bacolaodiat Festival

Bacolaodiat Festival 2018  or the Chinese New Year celebration of Bacolod City is set to kick off next month, February 15-18, 2018. This mark as the 13th celebration of Bacolaodiat Festival, which comes from “Baco” for Bacolod and “Lao Diat”, a Fookien word which means celebration. According to the organizers, Bacolaodiat Festival will highlight Foo [...]

Masskara Festival 2017

The much-awaited world-renowned festival of Bacolod City, the Masskara Festival, is set to kick off this October. This year’s festival showcases the world-class talent of Bacolodnons in various presentations such as in dancing, pageant, and to name a few. Here’s the schedule of events and activities in Masskara Festival 2017: The highlights of Masskara Festival [...]

Trip Advisor

The Trip Advisor website is very much willing to help any traveler get to the best places in the Philippines. TRIP ADVISOR – Are you also one of the few people who really want to make traveling a part of the reality and not just as a dream? Many of us actually want to travel [...]

Beautiful Churches

Cebu’s Beautiful Churches That You Must See This Lenten Season Holy week is one of the most awaited time for a vacation after Christmas. Here are some beautiful churches in Cebu that you must see. Roman Catholics find the Lenten season as one of their favorite time for both summer vacation and religious activities. Most [...]

Philippine Festivals

Here is a list of Philippine festivals that would fill your 2017 from January to December with an extraordinary experiences Philippines is widely known for its fun and colorful festivals that are being crowded by people from all races all around the world every year. Just like in previous years, 2017 is another promising 12-month [...]

Tomb of Jesus Christ

After it was closed since Jesus Christ resurrected, preservation experts opened the tomb again for renovation. JERUSALEM – The part of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which was believed to be the tomb of Jesus Christ was opened for the first time in at least a couple of centuries. Gali Tibbon, a photographer at [...]

Boracay Island in Aklan got on the top of the list as the Best Island in the World. After failing to make it in the past two consecutive years, Boracay Island was chosen as the Best Island in the World of 2016. This was based on the votes done by the readers of international magazine [...]

new tourism slogan

New Tourism Slogan To Be Made New Tourism slogan – The Department of Tourism will be changing its tourism slogan, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.” In a report by Inquirer, the tourism media director Ina Zara-Loyola said on Wednesday that the agency would be making a new slogan for tourism that would” reflect the [...]

Get an expensive Hotel Room without a roof, walls and even a toilet. Many of us pay so much to book a hotel room where we can find the ultimate comfort. But how about paying so much to be able to sleep in a too high place with too less amenities? Located 6,463 feet above [...]