Christmas Carolers Still Advised to Wear Face Masks – DOH

DOH Says Christmas Carolers Should Still Wear Face Masks The Department of Health (DOH) advised the Christmas carolers that they should still wear face masks while singing. The Christmas pilgrims are instructed by the DOH about their planned caroling activities. They should continue to use face masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus sickness, according … Read more

Insomnia Remedies to Help You Sleep Better

Insomnia Remedies

Insomnia remedies that can be beneficiary for your health as insomnia makes it difficult for you to get to sleep or stay asleep. You may feel exhausted all day long from insomnia, which can also have an impact on your mental and emotional well-being. Your mood and ability to concentrate may be impacted if your … Read more

Secret Tips to Live a Happier Life

Secret Tips

7 Secret Tips to be Happy Secret Tips to live a non-stressfull, happy and fruitful life that can help you to think positive in every struggles that may come. Do you typically feel lethargic when you first awaken? Do you need coffee or other caffeinated drinks to get you through the day? If this sounds … Read more

Kim Atienza Reveals Costly Guillain-Barré Syndrome Treatment

kim atienza

Kim Atienza shared that he spent this huge amount of money on his health Ticktoclock host Kim Atienza revealed that in order to have the treatment for his Guillain-Barré Syndrome, he had to spend thousands of pesos every single day for a certain period of time. Kuya Kim went through a drastic lifestyle change when … Read more

DOH Warns Filipinos vs Circulation of Old Advisory on Use of Face Mask

Old Advisory

DOH Warns Public Regarding Old Face Mask Advisory The Department of Health (DOH) has warned the Filipino people against the circulation of old advisory regarding the use of face masks. On Thursday (June 16, 2022), the Health Department has clarified the circulation of old advisory instructing the public to limit the use of face masks … Read more

Authorities Declare Dengue Outbreak in Zamboanga City

Dengue Outbreak

DOH Declare Dengue Outbreak in Zamboanga City Due to Increasing Cases The authorities have declared a dengue outbreak in Zamboanga City after the dengue cases reached over 2, 000. Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said that DOH-Region IX declared a dengue outbreak in Zamboanga City. 19 dengue patients have already passed away due to the mosquito-borne … Read more