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Taxi Driver Appeals To Pretty Lady Who Allegedly Did Not Pay Taxi Fare

Taxi Driver lady passenger fare

Pretty Lady Goes Viral For Allegedly Walking Away From Taxi Driver TAXI DRIVER – A pretty lady went viral for allegedly not paying the P153 taxi fare. Taxi is considered one of the most convenient public vehicles in the Philippines. It caters only its passenger compared to jeepneys where it stops every time someone hails […] Read more

Darla Sauler Unboxes Expensive Gifts Received From Kris Aquino

Darla Sauler

Check out these gifts received by Darla Sauler from Kris Aquino. DARLA SAULER – The Queen of All Media’s “sidekick” Darla Sauler shares what Kris Aquino had given to her on her birthday. One of the most generous celebrities that people have ever known is probably Kris Aquino. She is very kind to the people […] Read more

Social Security System: What You Need To Know About This State-Run Insurance Program

Social Security System (SSS)

All About the Social Security System or SSS SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM – Here are some things that you may need to know about the state-run insurance program Social Security System or more commonly known as the SSS. Most of the Filipino people who are employed in private companies or establishments are insured under the SSS. […] Read more

SHOPEE SALE TODAY February 16, 2019: List Of Products w/ Discounts

Shopee Sale Today

List of Products w/ Discounts for Shopee Sale Today February 16, 2019 SHOPEE SALE TODAY FEBRUARY 16, 2019 – Here is a list of some of the products that come with big discounts on Shopee today. Currently, Shopee is among the biggest online marketplace platforms in the Philippines. A huge part of the Filipino populace […] Read more

VIDEO: Pinoy Soldier Gives “Malunggay” Flowers To Wife For Valentines

Pinoy Soldier malunggay to wife

Hilarious Valentines Gift of Pinoy Soldier To Wife For Valentines Goes Viral on Social Media PINOY SOLDIER – Netizens reacted on Pinoy soldier’s “malunggay” flower bouquet for his wife. Last February 14, romantic lovers celebrated the season of love with their partners, husband/wife or even families and friends. Several establishments make their own gimmicks relating […] Read more

PBB Otso: Here’s What Happened To “Practice Confession” Of Andre To Lou

PBB Otso

Here’s what really happened to “practice confession” of Andre to Lou in PBB Otso. PBB OTSO – Here is what really happened when Big Brother let Andre practice his confession towards fellow housemate Lou. PBB male housemate Andre is absolutely now so sure of what he is feeling for his fellow housemate Lou. Initially, he […] Read more

PANGHALIP: Ano Ang Panghalip, Mga Halimbawa Nito


Kilalanin Kung Ano Ang Panghalip, Mga Halimbawa Nito PANGHALIP – Narito ang kahulugan kung ano ang panghalip at ang mga halimbawa nito. Sa elementarya, itinuturo sa atin ang mga bahagi ng pananalita. Isa na rito ang panghalip na, katulad ng pangngalan, ay karaniwang makikita sa mga pangungusap. Sa artikulong ito, tatalakayin natin ang kahulugan at […] Read more

PANGNGALAN: Ano Ang Pangngalan, Mga Halimbawa Nito


Kilalanin Kung Ano Ang Pangngalan, Mga Halimbawa Nito PANGNGALAN – Narito ang kahulugan kung ano ang pangngalan at ang mga halimbawa nito. Isa sa mga bahagi ng pananalita na kadalasan ay makikita sa bawat pangungusap ay ang pangngalan. Ito at ang iba pang bahagi ng pananalita katulad ng pandiwa, pang-uri, at pang-abay ay itinuturo sa […] Read more

PHOTO: Cristine Reyes’ Stuns Netizens With Her Short Red Hair

Cristine Reyes red hair

Netizens React on Cristine Reyes’ Short Red Hair CRISTINE REYES – Netizens were shocked on Crisine Reyes’ fabulous short red hair. Ara Marie Cristine Reyes-Khatibi or better known as Cristine Reyes is one of the beautiful actresses in the entertainment business. Her sister Ara Mina is also a famous actress in the Philippines. The celebrity […] Read more

Boracay Controversial Photos of Couple Doing Something In The Beach

Photo Courtesy of RMN

Couple Doing Something In The Beach Exposed in Boracay Controversial Photos The controversial photos of a couple doing something naughty at the beachfront in Boracay went viral after it was posted on social media. Boracay Island is very popular all around the world because of its beautiful sceneries and almost paradise experience. Most tourists are […] Read more