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4-DIGIT LOTTO RESULT August 19, 2019

4-Digit Lotto Result

4-Digit Lotto Result August 19, 2019 4-DIGIT LOTTO RESULT August 19, 2019 – Here is the draw of 4-Digit Lotto Result of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 4-Digit Lotto Result: No Jackpot Winner as of this time August 19, 2019 Jackpot Prize for 4-Digit Lotto as announced by PCSO reach . Above is the official […] Read more

Ellen Adarna Gives Hint About Relationship Problem w/ John Lloyd Cruz?

Is this a hint from Ellen Adarna about her problem with John Lloyd Cruz? How true is it that former daring actress Ellen Adarna was giving hint about his relationship problem with boyfriend A-list actor John Lloyd Cruz? Photo courtesy of PUSH Speculations about the rumored breakup of JLC and Ellen have been circulating on […] Read more

Kiana Valenciano Elicits Bashing for Littering Despite Clean-up Advocacy

Netizens bashed Kiana Valenciano for littering Kapamilya performer Kiana Valenciano received bashing for littering despite the clean-up advocacy that she has promoted in the past through her social media post. Photo courtesy of @kianavee IG Previously, the daughter of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano shared a video on her Instagram account showing the garbage at […] Read more

Claudine Barretto’s ‘Ghost Writer’ Reply to Basher, ‘Patama’ to Marjorie?

Is Claudine Barretto doing “patama” to Marjorie Barretto when she replied “ghost writer” to a basher? Kapamilya actress Claudine Barretto replied to a basher “ghost writer”, is this her “patama” to her older sister Marjorie Barretto? Showbiz enthusiasts are familiar to the feud between the Barretto sisters. Claudine and her older sister Gretchen Barretto had […] Read more

Reigning Mr. World Approves Transgender Men Joining Mister World

Reigning Mr World rohit-khandelwal 4

Reigning Mr. World Supports Transgender Candidates Joining Beauty Pageants REIGNING MR WORLD – The reigning Mr. World, Rohit Khandelwal, said he approves transgender men joining Mister World. The issue about the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender and queer) rights is considered one of the most sensitive topics in the world today. We can’t deny that […] Read more

Disappointed Lady Stabs Boyfriend After Refusing to Buy Her Ice Cream

Disappointed Lady

Disappointed Lady Attacks Boyfriend Using Scissors After Refusing to Buy Her Ice Cream A disappointed lady allegedly stabbed her boyfriend using a scissor after refusing to buy her ice cream and even calling her fat. In China, a couple who had only been together in a relationship for around twenty (20) days made a scandalous […] Read more

Marian Rivera’s Son Ziggy’s Latest Photo Elicits Comments From Netizens

Marian Rivera, Baby Ziggy

Netizens Comment To Latest Photo of Baby Ziggy, the Son of Marian Rivera Marian Rivera posted a photo of her son, Baby Ziggy, on social media and the said latest photo elicited comments from netizens. There are a lot of celebrity children nowadays who gain the admiration of countless people at a very early age. […] Read more

PERSONALITY TIPS – How to Become A Better Person?

Personality Tips

Read these personality tips you might want to know. PERSONALITY TIPS – Here are some personality tips for you and ways on how to become a better person for yourself and for everyone. Being a better person is important. But bear in mind that you wanted to improve for yourself and everything, such as kindness […] Read more

VIDEo: Woman Horrified After Discovering Eggs She Bought Is Fake

Woman Fake eggs 1

Woman Shares Video of Fake Chicken Eggs She Bought WOMAN – A Pinay woman claims the chicken eggs she bought from market was fake because yolk never mixes with the egg white. Lots of people have been sharing their videos on social media showing the fake food they purchase from the market. Most of them […] Read more

Kim Chiu Finally Reacts To Cheating Issue Of Gerald Anderson

Kim Chiu

Here’s the reaction of Kim Chiu about the issue. KIM CHIU – The Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu has this reaction about the issues of her ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson involving two other actresses. Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo involving the young Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto were all cornered in cheating issue. Reportedly, there had been something going on […] Read more