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Will Ariana Grande's concert in Manila be cancelled following Manchester blast? The 23-year-old American singer is supposed to hold a concert in the Philippines this coming August 17, 2017, at the Mall of Asia Arena. At least 22 people killed and over 120 were injured moments after she concluded her "Dangerous Woman" concert at the [...]

John Wayne Sace came to prominence after being part of the defunct ASAP all-male dance group AnimE along with Rayver Cruz, Rodjun Cruz, Oliver Mhyco Aquino, Sergio Garcia, Emman Abeleda and Mico Aytona. He later ventured acting. His first television appearance is via "Home Along Da Airport" in 2003. He also became popular in big [...]

Indian Beggar

Jayavel, A Former Indian Beggar That Now Studies At Cambridge University In England A former Indian beggar named Jayavel who previously lives in the streets of Chennai, India was now studying at Cambridge University in England. A young lad named Jayavel was previously living in the streets of India as beggar together with his family. [...]


Unbelievable as it may seem, this lady had tricked the vendor when she stole away the money but the act was caught on camera. UNBELIEVABLE - The trick of this lady in order to steal money from the vendor is unbelievable and was caught on camera. The video of the lady stealing from the vendor [...]

Arrogant Businesswoman

Arrogant Businesswoman Insults Security Guard After Prohibiting Her To Enter Mall Entrance An arrogant businesswoman rants and insulted a security saying “Gwardya Ka Lang, Negosyante Ako!” after prohibiting her from entering mall premises. Security guards are the people who secure the safety of buildings, subdivisions, schools, homes, and other business establishments. They were only performing [...]

Actor-singer Rodjun Cruz, collaborated with Dave Moffatt, a popular international singer and a member of the world-renowned group, The Moffatts, in an epic yet entertaining song number. The 29-year-old actor went to Instagram wherein he shared two videos of him along with Dave Moffatt performing the hit single, "I Miss You Like Crazy." "Truly a [...]

james reid

First ever love tandem of James Reid is now one of the lead star of a Korean film, find out who she is. JAMES REID - The first ever love team of James Reid while inside the Pinoy Big Brother house, Devon Seron, will be leading the Korean film You With Me. According to the report [...]

Before summer ends, try to visit Sam Pinto's surf resort in Baler. The L’Sirene Boutique Resort of the 27-year-old actress/model which opened in April is said to be inspired by Eden Residences by the Sea in Seminyak, Bali in Indonesia. Take a look! https://www.instagram.com/p/BTFeoStg-SR/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BS0DwKAg5kW/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BUbTAv0AzhK/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BTNfQt4BwMl/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BTVhSanBoLu/ According to PEP.ph, Sam Pinto's resort, which [...]

Rude Service

Jerika Ejercito Complains About Air Asia's Incompetent And Rude Service With Their Clients Jerika Ejercito, Erap Estrada’s daughter complains about the incompetent, inconsiderate, and rude service of “Air Asia” airline. Airline companies are expected to have best services to be offered for their clients and the crews were expected to properly accommodate and assist their [...]

martial law

A video of a man with regards to the Martial Law went viral and hooked the attention of the online community. MARTIAL LAW - The video of a guy with a funny reaction about the recently declared Martial Law of the president in the entirety of Mindanao went viral. The above stated video was posted [...]