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Billy Crawford Reply To Netizen’s Bitter Comment Over Marriage w/ Coleen

Billy Crawford

Here’s how Billy Crawford responded to netizen who wished ill on marriage. BILLY CRAWFORD – “Lunch Out Loud” host Billy Crawford replies to netizen’s comment telling that he and Coleen Garcia will eventually separate. It was love actually between former Showtime hosts Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. It was in the show that they met […] Read more

Annabelle Rama Shares Reaction To Assunta de Rossi’s Baby Fiore

annabelle rama assunta de rossi baby

Here’s what Annabelle Rama said about the baby of Assunta de Rossi Talent manager Annabelle Rama shared her reaction to Baby Fiore, the baby of Assunta de Rossi and Jules Ledesma. Annabelle is the manager of Assunta and she expressed that she wanted to visit the actress but it is not allowed yet due to […] Read more

Assunta De Rossi Mother Reacts To Miracle Baby: “Lola na ‘ko!”

Assunta De Rossi

Mother of Assunta De Rossi celebrates as she welcomed her first grandchild. ASSUNTA DE ROSSI – Actress and model Alessandra De Rossi gives birth to first baby and her mother Nenita has this reaction as Fiore came to their lives. After almost two decades of waiting, famous actress Assunta de Rossi was finally blessed to […] Read more

Reference In Tagalog – English To Tagalog Translations

What Is Reference In Tagalog? (Answer) REFERENCE IN TAGALOG – There are several Filipino words that do not have a direct translation in English, that’s why we need context to fully translate them. In this article, we are going to learn about the Tagalog translation of the word “reference” based on context. Reference can be […] Read more

Lani Mercado Got Emotional After Hearing Stories Of ‘Bawal Judgmental’ Choices

lani mercado

Why Lani Mercado cried during her guesting in Eat Bulaga? Bacoor City Mayor Lani Mercado was the guest judge in Eat Bulaga’s Bawal Judgmental on Saturday and she got emotional after hearing the stories of the choices in the games. On October 24, another emotional episode of the popular segment of the Kapuso noontime show […] Read more

Paulo Avelino Mysterious “Fan Girl” Film Official Trailer Finally Released

Paulo Avelino

Here’s the official trailer of Paulo Avelino film entitled “Fan Girl”. PAULO AVELINO – People are now excited to watch the mysterious and thriller film from Paulo Avelino and Charlie Dizon and here’s official trailer. “Fan Girl” is the newest movie of Antoinette Jadaone which will be premiering in this year’s Tokyo International Film Festival. […] Read more

Danica Sotto Shares Throwback Photos w/ ‘Daddy Di Do Du’ Co-Stars

danica sotto daddy di do du

Danica Sotto remembers her ‘Daddy Di Do Du’ days Celebrity vlogger Danica Sotto shared throwback photos of her days when she did the sitcom, Daddy Di Do Du. The said defunct Kapuso sitcom featured her real-life daddy Vic Sotto, Maxene Magalona and Isabelle de Leon as her sisters. It also featured Paolo Ballesteros who was […] Read more

Heartwarming Photos of Old Man Reading Sweet Message From Daughter

Old Man

Old Man Reading Sweet Message From Daughter Goes Viral Online The heartwarming photos of an old man who is reading the sweet messages from his daughter elicit comments online. A Facebook user named Niña Queeza Balabag Dondoyano has shared the photos of an elderly man reading sweet messages from his daughter. The photos garnered various […] Read more

Ivana Alawi Shares Harassment Experience, Stress Importance of Respect

Ivana Alawi Share Her Harassment Experience in an Event Kapamily daring actress Ivana Alawi shares her harassment experience and stresses the importance of respect to individuals. Nowadays, when it comes to the issue of women’s clothing, the opinion of every individual on this is on fire, there are some who do not agree with the […] Read more

Young Tattoo Artist Wins 1st Place at Tattoo Competition

Young Tattoo Artist

Young Tattoo Artist Shows Incredible Talent at Tattoo Competition The amazing photos of a young tattoo artist who wins 1st place after joining a tattoo competition gone viral. Nowadays, most kids usually spend their time playing mobile games, playing with their friends, studying, and other activities. However, some children are making a living and helping […] Read more