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Miss Earth

Miss Earth. This category is used for the results of the Miss Earth pageant.

Here is the list of winners and special awards for Miss Earth.

Amado S. Cruz

Amado S. Cruz Official Statement, Miss Earth Sponsor Speaks Over Harassment Issue

Lorraine Schuck To Miss Canada & England: They Discredit Miss Earth

Amado S. Cruz Photos With Miss Earth Candidates Circulate Online

Miss Cuba

Miss Cuba Speaks, Denies “Harassment Testimonies” Of Other Miss Earth Candidates

Miss Earth Organizers Break Silence On Alleged Harassment Issue

Miss England Harassment

Miss England Harassment Experience With Controversial Sponsor Revealed

Amado S. Cruz

Amado S. Cruz Facebook: Pinoy Sponsor On Controversial Post Lambasted

Miss Guam

Miss Guam Harassment Experience From Pinoy Sponsor “Amado S. Cruz” Exposed

Miss Earth-Canada Harassment

Miss Earth-Canada Harassment Revelations From Pageant Sponsor