Coast Guard Needs More Ships for West Philippine Sea Patrol — Better to Address It than Grant Huge Confidential Funds to Other Offices

Coast Guard

Coast Guard Can’t Do Constant Patrols of PH Water Due to Limited Ships Instead of granting high CFs to other government offices, it would be best to address the pressing needs of the Philippines first. The territrorial dispute between Philippines and China over the West Philippine Sea is visibly far from over. Despite the 2016 … Read more

DOST Scholarship Offers for Graduate & Undergraduate Studies

DOST Scholarship

DOST SCHOLARSHIP – You can check the list below for the graduate and undergraduate scholarships that you may avail from the Department of Science and Technology. Scholarships are among the best options when you are determined to finish your studies but you are not financially confident that your family’s resources can support all your needs. … Read more

What Is Apposition? — A Guide in Learning English

What Is Apposition

WHAT IS APPOSITION – You can check this detailed guide below in learning about the meaning and examples of “Apposition” in English. Apposition is one of the topics in English. It is undeniably easy to learn and determine once you know its function in a sentence — and that is what is discussed in the … Read more

Requirements for Argentina Visa based on the Purpose of Visit

Requirements for Argentina Visa

Guide on the Requirements for Argentina Visa Application Process REQUIREMENTS FOR ARGENTINA VISA – Here are the documents needed for a travel visa in entering Argentina based on the purpose of your visit. While it is not known to a lot of people unlike the other countries, Argentina is actually one of the nations that … Read more

Euro to Peso Exchange Rate Today, Monday, October 02, 2023

Euro to Peso Exchange Rate

Details about the Euro to Peso Exchange Rate Today Euro to Peso – Here is the exchange rate between Euro Dollars and the Philippine Peso today, Monday, October 02, 2023. Many Filipinos are working abroad. Among these are European countries. The exchange rate between the currencies of European countries and the Philippines may change from … Read more

USD to PHP Exchange Rate Today, Monday, October 2, 2023

USD to PHP Exchange Rate Today

Guide on USD to PHP Exchange Rate Today, Monday, October 2, 2023 – How Much You Will Get? USD TO PHP – Here, you can check out the exchange rate between United States (US) Dollar to Philippine Peso today, Monday, October 2, 2023. Countless Pinoys are employed abroad for several years now in the pursuit … Read more