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Manchester Concert

The people who attended the Manchester concert of Ariana Grande were moved by an unexpected blast. MANCHESTER CONCERT - Families and friends of Ariana Grande concertgoers used the social media to look for their loved ones whom they cannot contact. The blast that happened after the concert of the famous American pop singer and actress [...]

Funny story

A video of an old man telling a funny story went viral on the social media. FUNNY STORY - An old man shared the fictional story of two drunkards who died but were sent to life again. Recently, a video that hooked netizens' attention was posted on the Facebook page Berto. The caption stated that [...]

Pepel Ozusa

Netizen Pepel Ozusa took to social media three videos. PEPEL OZUSA - A netizen posted on the social media three videos that show the man who allegedly harassed his wife. The videos were posted on the Facebook account of Pepel Ozusa. In the caption, the netizen warned the residents of Barangay Bugo, Cagayan de Oro [...]

Ariana Grande

A blast left some people hurt at the concert of Ariana Grande. ARIANA GRANDE - The concert of American pop singer and actress Ariana Grande in Manchester, England was followed by a blast. Recently, news regarding the incident that shocked the people who attended the concert of the famous Ariana Grande in Manchester broke in. [...]

Benham Rise

The Benham Rise can now be called as the 'Philippine Rise'. BENHAM RISE - The executive order aiming for the renaming of the controversial Benham Rise has already been signed by Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. In the recent months, the rights over the Benham Rise is one of those that have became the center [...]

PhilHealth Contribution

Steps on How To Check PhilHealth Contribution Online PHILHEALTH CONTRIBUTION- The members of the PhilHealth can now check their contribution without going to PhilHealth's office. There is not a need anymore to go to the PhilHealth office for one to be able to check his or her contribution. It can already be done in front of [...]

Negros Oriental State

The Negros Oriental State University will implement the free tuition to some students. NEGROS ORIENTAL STATE - In line with the free tuition program of the government, the Negros Oriental State University will implement it and some students may avail it. The free tuition program was made possible under the Duterte Administration and it will be [...]

Fred Arthur Agatep

Barangay Captain Fred Arthur Agatep slapped a host during the festival. FRED ARTHUR AGATEP - Lasam's Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) President Fred Arthur Agatep slapped an emcee during the Tinupig Festival. Recently, GMA News took to YouTube a video showing a man who suddenly slapped the an emcee from behind. It was during a [...]

North Korea

The North Korea fired the ballistic missile Pukguksong-2. NORTH KOREA - Statements of North Korea and other governments state that the North Korea has made its second missile test. Based on a recent news in CNN, citing KCNA's report, the firing of the second ballistic missile of the North Korea was under the supervision of North [...]


A netizen took to the social media a video of a woman hurting a child. WOMAN - A video showing a woman hurting a child crossed the social media and hooked the attention of the netizens on the online platform. The video showing the disappointing incident was posted on the Facebook account Em Ytterp. Based on the [...]