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Reality Platform

Facebook Aims Using Smartphone Cameras To Augment Reality Platform Facebook is now aiming to develop the first augmented reality platform using smartphone cameras instead of high-tech eyewear. On Tuesday (April 18, 2017), one of the Facebook founders, Mark Zuckerberg called the smartphone cameras as an initial platform to augment reality features in applications, which will [...]

Human Brain

Scientist Discovers How To Directly Feed Knowledge Into The Human Brain The researchers have already discovered how to directly upload knowledge into the human brain to teach them new skills instantly. Uploading knowledge into the human brain looks like just a sci-fi classic, which could soon take effort as falling asleep, according to some scientists. Researchers [...]

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 Is Back With  Improved  Color, Designs, Specs, And Features The iconic Nokia 3310 returns in newer version with improved specifications, performance, and features to be surely enjoyed by everyone. Nokia’s HMD Global officially launched the newer version of the iconic 3310, 17 years after the original version was released by Nokia Corporation in [...]


This February 2017, Nokia Plans To Relaunch Its Iconic 3310 Phone Nokia, one of the biggest cellular phone company was planning to relaunch its iconic 3310 his February 2017, according to some reports. The brick-like phone was planned to relaunch again by Nokia, according to the report of reliable phone leaker Evan Blass. Nokia 3310 [...]


Masaya Nakamura. Pac-Man Game Developer Died At 91 Pac-Man is a very popular video game by Namco since it was launched in 1980, but the founder of Namco “Masaya Nakamura” had died at the age of 91. Namco was the Japanese company behind the worldwide hit video game “Pac-Man.” In 1955, the company started only [...]

Biggest USB Flash Drive

Kingston Technology Created The World's Biggest USB Flash Drive Kingston Technology announced the world’s biggest USB flash drive with 2 terabytes of data storage will be available in the market soon. USB flash drive or pen drive is a data storage device consists of flash memory with USB interface. These drives were usually rewritable, removable, [...]


High-Technolgy Gadgets That Will Be Popular In 2017 A lot of gadgets have been popular in 2016, such as high-tech smartphones, tablets, and drones, here are gadgets that will be more popular in 2017. Laptops, tablets, drones, virtual reality and the well-known smartphones become the most popular gadgets worldwide in 2016. This 2017, ordinary devices, [...]

Nokia vs Apple

Nokia was the leading telecommunications and information technology company before Apple and other brands came to rise Finland-based Nokia Corporation accused Apple, the maker of now famous iPhone, of violating 32 technology patents, on Wednesday. It was following Apple's lawsuit filed on Tuesday against Acacia Research Corporation and Conversant Intellectual Property Management Incorporated for allegedly [...]

Internet Connection

High-Speed Internet Connection Using Regular Telephone Lines Promised By PLDT PLDT Inc. promised to provide high-speed internet connection nationwide using regular telephone lines to end the slow internet connection in the Philippines. The Telco giant wanted to provide a super-fast internet connection in the country using the regular phone lines existing on the present fixed-line [...]

A study revealed which between Grab and Uber is cheaper in PH. STUDY - Which do you think is cheaper in the Philippines, Grab or Uber? Recently, a study revealed the answer to that question. Science and Technology has undeniably changed the world. Situations now, as compared to what the previous generations have before, are [...]