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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Newly-Launched Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features & Specifications Revealed The features and specifications of the newly-launched Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have been finally revealed during an Unpacked event in New York. Samsung has finally unveiled the features of Galaxy Note 9 including its new S Pen, which is one of its edge from the previous [...]


Philippine Mobile Network Like Smart & Globe Will Launch 5G Data Connection  Next Year The Philippine mobile network giants such as Smart and Globe are about to roll out the 5G for faster mobile internet connection next year. 5G network will be next year’s plot network promising a lower latency and faster mobile internet connection. [...]

Android Pie

Google Releases Android Pie Features & Significance For Future Smartphones Google’s Android Pie features and significance for the future smartphones that can address several technology issues have been finally revealed. Google has already released “Android Pie” the latest version of its mobile operating system (OS) packed with new features and offering significant enhancements over Oreo version. [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Promotional Video of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leaked Online The promotional video of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has leaked online before the technology company officially launched the new gadget. Nowadays, upcoming high-technology devices have experienced a bunch of leaks before its official launching. Recently, the alleged promotional video of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has leaked [...]


Social Media Giant Facebook Asks Big Banks To Share Customer Data The giant social media company Facebook has asked the major banks in the US to share the details and information of their customers. A banking source told AFP that Facebook asked the big banks in the United States to share their customer details to [...]


Here Are Some Simple Steps On How To Block Lost & Stolen Smartphone Here are some simple steps on how to block lost and stolen smartphone to prevent others to access your important information. Smartphone is one of the most popular digital devices nowadays, which has been already a necessity in our daily lives. Personal information [...]

Filipino Scientist

Filipino Scientist Invents The First-Ever Video Call In 1954 Filipino scientist Gregorio Y. Zara has invented the first-ever video call in the world last 1954 but neglected by the Philippine government. Nowadays, most people are now using video chat to communicate with their friends, family, relatives, and loved ones. However, video chat has been already [...]

huawei p20 pro and iphone x

Comparison Review between iPhone X vs. Huawei P20 Pro HUAWEI P20 PRO- Apple’s iPhone X is presently the highest profile version of smartphones with notches on the top as the company started the trend in November 2017. This has then become the standard by which other subsequently released notched phones are being judged. Recently, Huawei [...]

Phone Cases

Apple, Xiaomi & Other Phone Cases Allegedly Contain Harmful Substances Apple, Xiaomi, and other popular phone cases allegedly contain harmful substances, according to the result of a study. Recently, Shenzhen Consumer Council revealed that over 30 popular mobile phone covers created by 28 giant phone companies including Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi allegedly contain toxic substances. At [...]

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Launching Competes With Apple’s iPhone X The launching of the newest Samsung Galaxy S9 has answered the advanced features of its top rival Apple’s iPhone X. Last year, the whole world was amazed after the Apple Company has launched its latest smartphone called “iPhone X”, which has been one of the most [...]