ENGLISH-TAGALOG TRANSLATE: Tagalog Translation of ‘Headset’

ENGLISH-TAGALOG TRANSLATE: What is the Tagalog translation of the word Headset?

ENGLISH-TAGALOG TRANSLATE – The Tagalog translation of the English term “Headset” is “Pang-ulong Hatinig”.

One of the pieces of stuff that many millennials own now is a headset. Most often, you would see young and middle-aged people with their headsets on while riding a jeepney.

According to MerriamHeadset refers to a device that holds a microphone and an earphone in place on a head of a person.

However, because of the rampant use of the English language, many of use may know Headset but not its Tagalog translationWhat is really Headset in Tagalog?

English-Tagalog Translate Headset Tagalog Translation

The Tagalog translation for ‘Headset’ is Pang-ulong Hatinig.

English: Headset | Tagalog: Pang-ulong Hatinig

Examples of Sentences using the word “Headset”:

  1. Shawn bought me a new headset.
  2. His original headset was left in the car.
  3. Is this your headset?

Mga Halimbawa ng Pangungusap na gumagamit ng salitang “Pang-ulong Hatinig”:

  1. May kanya-kanya silang pang-ulong hatinig.
  2. Nasira ang pang-ulong hatinig na bigay ni Sandra.
  3. Bagong pang-ulong hatinig ang regalo ko para sa kanya.

English-Tagalog Translate: Tagalog Counterparts of Sentences Using the Word “Headset”:

1. Jake prefers the blue headset than the white.  | Mas gusto ni Jake ang asul na pang-ulong hatinig kaysa sa puti.

2. Take care of my headset. |   Ingatan mo ang pang-ulong hatinig ko.

3. Look for a new headset. | Maghanap ka ng bagong pang-ulong hatinig.

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