Victorio Edades Paintings and His Famous Works

Victorio Edades

VICTORIO EDADES – Who is Victorio Edades and some of his famous paintings including his practices that broke some art rules. These are some of the most famous artworks of National Artist for Painting Victorio Edades dubbed as the “Father Of Modern Philippine Painting”. He practiced creative art and here are some of his achievements … Read more

Emilio Aguinaldo Contributions – What Are His Achievements?

Emilio Aguinaldo Contributions

Here are some of Emilio Aguinaldo contributions and a brief discussion about his life. EMILIO AGUINALDO CONTRIBUTIONS – A look at the life story of former Filipino leader Emilio Aguinaldo and his achievements. Filipino politician and military leader Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy lived from March 22, 1869, until February 6, 1964. And as told in History … Read more

Preposition Examples: Here are Samples of Prepositions in Sentences

Preposition Examples

PREPOSITION EXAMPLES – Here are some examples of prepositions used in sentences and explained how they function. Undeniably, a lot of people usually gets confused with regards to prepositions, one of the parts of speech that is usually present in most sentences. Some examples in sentences may help explain their functions more.

Importance Of Physical Fitness (An Essay)

Importance Of Physical Fitness

Here’s an essay about the importance of physical fitness. Read it below! IMPORTANCE OF PHYSICAL FITNESS – Read an essay about physical fitness below and how important this is to a person. In this time of the pandemic, what people have realized and have given value to are things such as eating healthy and being … Read more

Adjective Examples in Sentences – Here are samples…

Adjective Examples in Sentences

ADJECTIVE EXAMPLES IN SENTENCES – Below are sample adjectives, parts of speech, or action words that are used in sentences. There are eight parts of speech and one of them is the adjective. It is widely known as an action word. However, not all words that denote action is serving as an adjective in the … Read more