TRANSLATOR ENGLISH TAGALOG – List of English Words & their Tagalog Counterparts

TRANSLATOR ENGLISH TAGALOG – Here is a list of English words and their translation in Tagalog or Filipino language.

Nowadays, one of the things that post a challenge to a lot of people most especially the younger generation is translation. It is between English, the universal language, and Tagalog, the Filipino language.

Most people nowadays are more familiar with the universal language that looking for the counterparts of certain words in Tagalog may be uneasy. It is where the need for dictionaries cross the surface.

However, aside from just waiting on the time when there is a need to translate, it is a whole lot better to start familiarizing both languages now. Some translator of English to Filipino words might help.

Translator English Tagalog
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In this article, we will continue to post sub-topics about certain English words and their Tagalog counterparts. We can start learning them one-by-one so the next time we get to encounter the need to translate them, we won’t be needing a material aid anymore.

Here is a list of English words. Feel free to click on them to check for their counterpart in Tagalog.

We also got some Tagalog words which were translated in the English language. You may click on them to see the translation:

This is a developing article. Rest assured that we will continue to update you with words that are challenging to translate for most people.

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