Emotional Video of Jovit Baldivino’s Fiancee, Daughter w/ Shara Chavez Goes Viral

Emotional Video

Jovit Baldivino’s Fiancee Camille Ann Miguel Meets Singer’s Daughter w/ Shara Chavez Goes Viral Online The emotional video of Jovit Baldivino’s fiancee Camille Ann Miguel meeting the singer’s daughter from ex-partner Shara Chavez goes viral. Last December 9, 2022, the Filipino singer Jovit Baldivino passed away around 4:00 am at the age of 29. He died … Read more

Shara Chavez Reacts to Jovit Baldivino’s Tirade: ‘Wala kang kwentang ama!’

Shara Chavez Finally Reacts to Jovit Baldivino’s Tirade Over Their Child Custody SHARA CHAVEZ – The ex-girlfriend of singer Jovit Baldivino finally reacts to his tirade against her and the custody of their daughter. Shara Chavez, Jovit’s ex-girlfriend, has not been silent regarding the singer’s charges. Chavez responded angrily to Baldivino’s statements in a now-deleted … Read more

Jovit Baldivino’s Former Girlfriend Shara Chavez Shocking Transformation

Shara Chavez

Take A look At Shara Chavez, Jovit Baldivino’s Former Girlfriend Shocking Transformation Take a look at Jovit Baldivino’s former girlfriend Shara Chavez shocking transformation leaving the social media users speechless. Shara Chavez has been one of the most controversial and discussed personalities last year after posting the screenshots of her ex-boyfriend Jovit Baldivino’s live video … Read more

Jovit Baldivino Speaks Up On Being Compared To Ex-GF Shara Chavez’s New Love Who’s “More Gwapo”

Jovit Baldivino

Jovit Baldivino reacted to the comparison made between him and new romance of Shara Chavez. JOVIT BALDIVINO – The Pinoy singer Jovit Baldivino reacted when told that ex-girlfriend Shara Chavez’s new romance is “more gwapo” than him. According to a previous report, the controversial former girlfriend singer Jovit Badivino is now engaged with another man named … Read more

Shara Chavez, Jovit Baldivino’s Ex-Girlfriend Now Engage With Another Man

Shara Chavez

Jovit Baldivino’s Ex-Girlfriend Shara Chavez Now Engage With Chris Castillo Shara Chavez, the former girlfriend of the Filipino singer Jovit Baldivino is now engaged with another man named Chris Castillo. Last year, Shara Chavez has been the headlines of several local news outlets and social media pages after revealing the womanizing habit of her ex-boyfriend … Read more

Jovit Baldivino’s Ex-Girlfriend Shara Chavez Moves On & Found New Love Interest

Shara Chavez

Pinoy Singer Jovit Baldivino’s Ex-Girlfriend Shara Chavez Found Her New Love Interest The Filipino singer Jovit Baldivino’s ex-girlfriend Shara Chavez has finally moved on from past relationship and found her new love interest. Last year, Jovit Baldivino, the grand champion of “Pilipinas Got Talent” has been the headlines of several local news outlets and countless … Read more

Jovit Baldovino’s Message To 1-Year-Old Daughter With Shara Chavez

jovit baldovino

Jovit Baldovino has a message to his 1-year-old daughter. JOVIT BALDOVINO – Well-known singer Jovit Baldovino gave his 1-year-old daughter a message after not being with her during her recently held birthday celebration. According to a previous report, Shara Chavez arranged a party for her daughter with the singer who has already turned 1 years old. … Read more

Shara Chavez Celebrates Her Daughter’s 1st Birthday Without Jovit Baldivino’s Help

Shara Chavez

Shara Chavez Celebrates Baby Akeya’s 1st Birthday Without Jovit’s Help The daughter of the Filipino singer Jovit Baldivino’s with his ex-girlfriend Shara Chavez has already turned 1-year-old. Jovit Baldivino is a Filipino singer and actor who gained his popularity after he was announced as the very first grand champion of the reality show entitled “Pilipinas … Read more