Jovit Baldivino’s Ex-Girlfriend Shara Chavez Moves On & Found New Love Interest

Pinoy Singer Jovit Baldivino’s Ex-Girlfriend Shara Chavez Found Her New Love Interest

The Filipino singer Jovit Baldivino’s ex-girlfriend Shara Chavez has finally moved on from past relationship and found her new love interest.

Last year, Jovit Baldivino, the grand champion of “Pilipinas Got Talent” has been the headlines of several local news outlets and countless social media pages because of his alleged womanizing habits.

Shara Chavez, the girlfriend of the Kapamilya singer revealed the womanizing habits and the excessive gambling.

Shara Chavez

Jovit and Shara had a relationship for almost two-years and blessed with a lovely daughter, but fell apart when Shara caught her boyfriend with another girl.

Chavez has decided to end her relationship with the singer, which she announced to public last June 2017.

Shara Chavez

Recently, Shara Chavez has posted her photo together with another man and seems so sweet to each other.

Shara Chavez

The young woman seems finally moved on and found new happiness with Chris Dizzle, a retired US army.

In the photo, it can be seen that Chavez appears to be overflowing with happiness from her glowing smile.

Shara Chavez

Hopefully, the story of Shara Chavez would serve as an inspiration to other people who are still recovering from a failed relationship and hoping to find their new love.

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