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korina sanchez

The veteran reporter Korina Sanchez opens up about her love and passion for dogs. KORINA SANCHEZ - The reporter opens up a foundation that will shelter stray animals who were neglected and suffers abuse. According to the news report of the Inquirer, the reporter hosted a luncheon on May 22 at the The Pierre Hotel that [...]


'Awra Briguela' of the Koronadal City went viral as he poses for the camera like that of a model. KORONADAL  CITY, PHILIPPINES - A boy from the Koronadal City went viral as he was tagged along by the netizens as the 'Awra Briguela' of the said town. The post was shared by the netizen Domz [...]

rainier castillo

Find out the reason why Rainier Castillo or also known as the 'Dao Ming Xi' of the Philippines went out the limelight. RAINIER CASTILLO -  The actor known for his 'killer smile' and being the Pinoy version of  Dao Ming Xio of F4 from the hit Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden went out  from acting and here he [...]

fake news

 Netizens were furious when the Inquirer spread a fake news about the attack in Marawi. FAKE NEWS - The Philippine Daily Inquirer was slammed by infuriated netizens when it was found out that they have allegedly spreading a fake news about the incident in Marawi City. Just recently, breaking news had broke the people of [...]


This really impressive and brainy 10-year-old girl is taking the reading and solving math problems into the next level. IMPRESSIVE - Ellyse Jeniah Tabaldo is a 10-year old student from a public school who really has an impressive skills when it comes to reading and solving math problems. According to the Front Row which is posted [...]

iwa moto

After the Japanese-Filipino actress Iwa Moto left the show business this is what had happened to her. IWA MOTO - Find out what is the condition of the half Filipino-half Japanese actress Iwa Moto after she had left the entertainment industry. Based on the posts of the former actress, Iwa Moto, on her Instagram account, [...]

martial law

The primer indicated the rights of the people under the Martial Law. MARTIAL LAW - The primer indicated the rights of the people under the Martial Law. According to the news report of ABS-CBN News, the primer was made and updated by the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG), is a nationwide human rights lawyers organization in the [...]

martial law

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte says before flying to Manila that the Martial Law will not be different from what President Marcos did. MARTIAL LAW - The president of the Republic of the Philippines had just recently declared a Martial Law in Mindanao and it will not be different from the time of the late President [...]

bea alonzo

Beautiful actress Bea Alonzo take a throwback as to how she started as an actress in the entertainment industry. BEA ALONZO - The Kapamilya Bea Alonzo actress recalled her acting  journey before she got to where she is now in show business. The recall of her journey was shared and posted by the Youtube Channel [...]

driving law

Funny photos with regards to the new Anti-Distracted Diving Law went viral and is making rounds of noise in social media community. FUNNY PHOTOS - Funny reactions of Filipino men about the new law which is the Anti-Distracted Driving Law are taken hilariously as spotted on the internet. According to the report of the FHM, [...]