Shara Chavez Celebrates Baby Akeya’s 1st Birthday Without Jovit’s Help

The daughter of the Filipino singer Jovit Baldivino’s with his ex-girlfriend Shara Chavez has already turned 1-year-old.

Jovit Baldivino is a Filipino singer and actor who gained his popularity after he was announced as the very first grand champion of the reality show entitled “Pilipinas Got Talent”. He also won several awards from some of his songs.

The 23-year-old singer has been involved in different issues and controversies after his ex-girlfriend Shara Chavez caught his live video on Facebook with another girl. Eventually, the lovers broke up due to misunderstandings.

Shara Chavez

On July 29, 2017, the baby of singer Jovit Baldivino and Shara Chavez has already turned 1-year-old. Chavez was able to celebrate the 1st birthday of her daughter without the help of her ex-boyfriend but through the support of her family and friends.

Baby Akeya’s birthday celebration was held in Taysan, Batangas last July 29, 2017. Chavez also shared that she had done all the preparation including foods, balloons, loot bags, toys, and other stuff needed for the party.

Shara Chavez

Shara Chavez said that some of the party needs were sponsored and the party for her unica hija was a success.

Shara Chavez

The single mother also shared that she did not consider to send an invitation to Jovit because he can visit his baby anytime. Chavez said that Baldivino didn’t come to the birthday party of her daughter.

Shara Chavez

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