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Aga Muhlach Allegedly Asked ABS-CBN To Disregard Issue With Trillanes

Security Guard

Loving Girlfriend’s Marriage Proposal To Security Guard BF Elicits Comments Online

Desperate Father

Desperate Father Offers $180-M To Any Man Who Will Marry His Daughter

Jeepney Driver

Heartbreaking Photos Of Jeepney Driver Feeding his Daughter Goes Viral

Manila North Cemetery

UNDAS 2018: Manila North Cemetery Preparing For All Saint’s Day

Mysterious Baby Footprints

Mysterious Baby Footprints Found Along Malls In Balanga

Rude Highway Patrol Officers

Rude Highway Patrol Officers Allegedly Damage Taxi Driver’s Side Mirror

Madam Sitang Beautifies Herself With Yellow Filipiniana

Arrogant Motorist

Arrogant Motorist Escaping Traffic Enforcers Apprehending Him Goes Viral