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Jeepney Driver

Passengers Defend Jeepney Driver Against Arrogant Motorist During Road Rage   The passengers of a public utility vehicle have defended the jeepney driver from an arrogant motorist during a road rage incident. Road rage incident is one of the most common traffic problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around [...]

Hospital Staff

Social Media Users Express Disappointment Towards Sleeping Hospital Staff During Duty The social media users have expressed their disappointment towards the hospital staff and employees who were sleeping during their duty. Doctors and nurses are hospital employees hired to apply immediate medical care and to assist patients in their full recovery. Unfortunately, there are some [...]

Young Street Vendors

Young Street Vendors Give Words Of Wisdom That Will Surely Touch Your Heart The video clip showing how these young street vendors give words of wisdom to fast-food chain customers will surely touch your heart. A Facebook user named Sam Gold shared a video clip showing two young “Kropek” vendors inside of McDonald’s fast-food chain [...]

Belgium’s Got Talent

Ian Lodens, Pinoy Contestant Enters Belgium’s Got Talent Grand Finals A Filipino-Belgian contestant has successfully entered the grand finals of Belgium’s Got Talent together with his dance partner. Ian Lodens, a Filipino-Belgian mixed martial artist was able to make it to the grand finals of Belgium Got Talent after winning the Jujitsu World Championship for [...]

Pedicab Driver

Netizen Shares Heartbreaking Story of 75-Year-Old Pedicab Driver Working Despite Old Age A netizen has shared the heartbreaking story of a 75-year-old pedicab driver who still works despite his old age and poor health condition. Senior citizens were supposed to stay at home or roaming around enjoying the remaining years of their life after working [...]

Septic Tank

Septic Tank Discharging Waste Towards Boracay Waters Discovered By Authorities   A septic tank discharging wastes towards Boracay waters have been discovered by the authorities few weeks after the rehabilitation has started. A few weeks ago, the Philippines government has closed the famous Boracay Island to the tourists to allow the government to rehabilitate and [...]

Protected Corals

Concerned Netizens Call DENR’s Attention After This Group Illegally Takes Protected Corals Concerned netizens are now calling the attention of DENR after this group of people illegally takes protected corals from the sea. Corals are marine invertebrates in the class Anthozoa of phylum Cnidaria that takes thousands of years before it was formed. Coral poaching [...]

Catholic Priest

Catholic Priest Sells Fish To Fund Church Construction In Basilan A Catholic priest identified as Fr. Joel Silagpo sells fish just to fund the construction of a Christian Church in Basilan in the midst of Muslim community. Fr. Silagpo, a Catholic priest in Basilan has decided to sell fish to fund the construction of a [...]

School Supplies

Environmental Group Warns Public On School Supplies Containing Harmful Chemicals An environment group has warned the public regarding the school supplies containing toxic chemicals, which is harmful to the body’s health. The watch group EcoWaste Coalition has warned the public to be more careful in purchasing school supplies, which allegedly contains harmful substances. The school [...]

Honest Pedicab Driver

Honest Pedicab Driver Returns Lost Cellphone To Its Owner An honest pedicab driver showed another act of honesty after returning a lost cellphone to its respective owner. Nowadays, we can rarely see honest people returning lost valuables and high-cost items to the owners due to poverty. However, another Filipino pedicab driver proves that there are [...]