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Phivolcs Fault Finder

Phivolcs Fault Finder Can Help You To Find Out If Your Place Is Located Along Fault Lines Earthquake is considered as one of the most dangerous natural calamities, find out if your place is located along fault lines using Phivolcs fault finder. Faults are planar fracture or discontinuity in a volume of rock. Large faults [...]

Powerful Remedy

This Powerful Remedy Can Cure Wrinkles, Blemishes, And Other Skin Disorders Most women and elders want to get rid of wrinkles, pimples, acne, stretch marks, and blemishes, using this powerful remedy can cure skin disorders. Skin issues are very common worldwide due to different reasons such as environmental pollution, unhealthy diet, lack of personal hygiene, [...]

Estimated New Price

Estimated New Price Of Your Favorite Cars Due To Proposed Excise Tax Here are the estimated new price of your favorite car brands and units due to proposed excise tax, which can largely affect the prices of cars. The current tax for vehicles in the Philippines is only 2 percent but now it has climbed [...]

‘Big One' Earthquake

Does Zamboanga And Davao Quake Really Indicate ‘Big One' Earthquake? On Thursday (February 23, 2017), Davao and Zamboanga City were struck by an earthquake, is it really an indication of the upcoming ‘Big One' earthquake? Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) announced that Zamboanga Del Norte was struck by a magnitude 3.8 earthquake as [...]

Davao City

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Davao City As Of February 23, 2017 A 4.6 magnitude earthquake hits Davao City On Thursday (February 23, 2017) as of 9:50 am, netizens claim that oarfish signs were true. Previously, Surigao Del Norte has been struck by a 6.7 magnitude earthquake and Sultan Kudarat was also hit by a 4.9 [...]

Japanese Folklore

Japanese Folklore: Oarfish Will Rise From Depth Before Earthquake   Oarfish is a messenger from the dragon god of the sea and its appearance in shallow waters indicates catastrophic events, according to Japanese folklore. Numerous appearance of oarfish was seen in different regions of the Philippines. Filipinos believe that the appearance of these sea creatures in [...]

Healthy Foods

These 7 Healthy Foods Can Treat And Prevent Cancer Cancer indeed is one of the most life-threatening diseases around the world, here are some healthy foods that can cure cancer. One of the deadliest diseases in the world is cancer, characterized by abnormal cell growth and spreading throughout the entire body. Cancer can show possible [...]

107 Women

Elderly Man Married 107 Women With 185 Children, Looking For More Wives Despite Old Age A 92-year-old man who has already married 107 women and had 185 children was still looking for more wives and will keep marrying until his last breath. The old man was identified as Mohammed Bello Abubakar, a Nigerian cult leader, [...]

Powerful Drink

Treat numerous Types Of Diseases With This Powerful Drink Today, we present a powerful drink that can cure numerous types of diseases and can give beneficial effects to the body’s health. Different types of diseases were already spreading worldwide due to environmental pollution, foods packed with preservatives, cigarette smoking, sedimentary lifestyle, and other factors that [...]

Earthquake Fault Lines

Know If Your Family And Home Safe From Earthquake Fault Lines, In Order To Avoid Injuries And Accidents The Philippines is a country inside the Pacific Ring of Fire, where earthquakes usually happen. Are your family and home safe from earthquake fault lines? Our country can be found in the Pacific Ring of Fire, where [...]