Take A look At Shara Chavez, Jovit Baldivino’s Former Girlfriend Shocking Transformation

Take a look at Jovit Baldivino’s former girlfriend Shara Chavez shocking transformation leaving the social media users speechless.

Shara Chavez has been one of the most controversial and discussed personalities last year after posting the screenshots of her ex-boyfriend Jovit Baldivino’s live video together with another girl.

Chavez also revealed the dark side and personality of the Filipino singer including its treatment to her and their daughter.

Shara Chavez Shara Chavez

The young lady underwent a lot of painful memories because of her breakup with Jovit Baldivino leaving her as a single parent to their child.

Shara Chavez

Recently, the mother-of-one has brought the social media by storm because of her great transformation.

Shara Chavez

The young mom was already beautiful but her major transformation makes her even look better with her much slender nose bridge.

Shara Chavez

Chavez might undergo a cosmetic surgery making her looks similar to the young actress Kathryn Bernardo.

It seems that Shara has already moved on and enjoyed her life right now after her controversial breakup with the singer.

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