US COVID-19 Cases, Deaths & Recoveries Update

Update on US COVID-19 Cases, Deaths & Recoveries

US COVID-19 CASES – Here is an update on the coronavirus cases, deaths, and recoveries in the United States now.

The COVID-19 is now a pandemic that placed a huge challenged in front of over 200 countries and territories. This coronavirus disease is new thus further studying have to be done to know its very nature.

This disease was first recorded in China last December 2019. It is characterized by the symptoms similar to flu – a patient may experience fever, cough, and breathing difficulties. However, on the other side, the person may be positive for the disease even without any symptoms at all.

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In China, over 82,000 people were infected by the disease. Sadly, despite that Wuhan City, the epicenter of the disease in China, was locked for over 2 months, cases of the disease were recorded in other countries.

US COVID-19 Cases
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Starting January, several other nations confirmed cases of the disease in their countries. One of those is the United States.

Currently, the total US COVID-19 cases is the highest across the globe. Here is an update on the country’s total cases, deaths, and recoveries amid the global pandemic:

  • Total Cases : 2,208,400
  • Total Deaths : 119,132
  • Total Recoveries : 903,041

President Donald Trump is vocal about his stand that China is responsible for the spread of the COVID-19 across the globe. He also placed the US funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) on temporary freeze.

Previously, the U.S. President has warned WHO to put their funding on permanent freeze if its performance won’t level up. According to WHO, it is going to be a long-term battle against coronavirus.

Based on the tally, there is now a total of 8,264,468 cases of coronavirus recorded in the different countries across the globe. Out of the total, 446,135 patients died of the disease. The total recoveries is at 4,321,998 now.

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