COVID-19 Global Health Emergency Is Over According To WHO


WHO declares COVID-19 global health emergency is now over. COVID-19 – World Health Organization announces that the emergency phase of the pandemic COVID-19 is now over. COVID pandemic killed at least 20 million and after many years, the emergency phase of this is finally over. World Health Organization (WHO) International Health Regulations Emergency Committee had a … Read more

When Will COVID End? World Health Speaks on COVID-19 Emergency

When Will COVID End

WHEN WILL COVID END – The World Health Organization (WHO) spoke on the COVID-19 public health emergency declaration. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the lives of many people as well as the running in several countries. The pandemic is not over but the World Health previously affirmed that the world is in a better … Read more

China COVID-19 Cases Sparks Concern from World Health amid New Wave

China COVID-19 Cases

CHINA COVID-19 CASES – For another time around, the World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned by the new wave of coronavirus cases in China. Amid the eased restrictions and protocols against the COVID-19 pandemic in several countries across the globe, a new wave of the coronavirus cases are seen in China. Based on a report … Read more

COVID Global Health Emergency Eyed To Be Ended in 2022?

Dr. Van Kerkhove on COVID Global Health Emergency

COVID GLOBAL HEALTH EMERGENCY – The World Health Organization (WHO) is eyeing to end the coronavirus global health emergency by the end of 2022. Currently, countries are doing all they can to encourage the people to get their COVID-19 booster shots amid the ongoing fight against the pandemic. The health crisis continues for more than … Read more

Monkeypox Vaccine: US Releases Result of Preliminary Analysis

Monkeypox Vaccine

MONKEYPOX VACCINE – The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the result of the preliminary analysis of the vaccines. The monkeypox was declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization. The WHO made the announcement amid the increasing cases of the disease in several nations across the globe. Based on a … Read more

Joe Biden Claim that COVID-19 Pandemic in U.S has Ended

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden says Pandemic in U.S “is over” JOE BIDEN- The President of U.S said in his latest interview on Sunday that the COVID-19 pandemic in United States “is now over.” The remarks were indicative of the current state of much of US society, given that COVID restrictions have been largely lifted nationwide and … Read more