Singapore AI Predicts End Of COVID-19 With 97 Percent Chance

AI PREDICTS END OF COVID-19 – The world still continued its battle against COVID-19, however, the crisis may soon end.

At least, this was the projection of an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that used world data and its own algorithm. According to an article from Mashable, the AI was able to project the infection curve and estimate dates of when the pandemic could end.

AI Predicts End OF COVID-19 In Philippines, Singapore, & Others
Image from: UVA Today

The project was created by the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Moreover, the AI broke down its projections based on a 97-100 percent chance.

Based on the article, here are its projections:

Based on the graph provided, Singapore has a 97 percent chance of having the virus crisis end on May 9. Meanwhile, it would have a 99 percent chance of eradicating the virus on May 15, and 100% on June 10.

The AI also predicted when the virus would end in the Philippines. Here are its projections:

If you looked closely at the graph, the predictions are all over the place. This was mainly due to incomplete data provided by the Philippines. However, the algorithms estimates the virus would end by July 8.

Meanwhile, the country projected to have the earliest day of the virus’ eradication was Vietnam. Likewise, if we look at the country right now, it has the lowest cases of COVID-19 among ASEAN countries. As such, the AI predicted that Vietnam would be virus-free come May 14.

However, these figures are mainly projections and had yet to account for virus mutations or actions done by governments or the residents. Meanwhile, the AI predicted the world would be coronavirus free on December 1.

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