South Korea Spread of Covid-19 has Slowed; Resurgence Projected to Extend

South Korea

COVID-19 Spread in South Korea Drops but Resurgence Expected to Resume South Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency study released a statement on Monday that the country added 67,078 new COVID-19 infections. According to government data released Monday, the latest rise in COVID-19 infections in South Korea decreased on Sunday. However, the resurgence is projected … Read more

South Korea Records Highest COVID-19 Cases Since Last Year

South Korea Records Highest COVID-19 Caseload Since December SOUTH KOREA RECORDS HIGHEST CASELOAD – The government of South Korea recently recorded the highest number of daily COVID-19 cases since last year. Korea had long been lauded for its quick and effective coronavirus response. Due to their initiatives with contact tracing and isolation, Korea had been … Read more

South Korea New COVID-19 Outbreak Linked To Church

South Korea Warns Of New COVID-19 Outbreak Connected To Seoul Church SOUTH KOREA NEW COVID-19 – South Korea has had a surge of cases causing authorities to warn of a new outbreak. Health authorities in South Korea documented 279 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday. Furthermore, the bulk of the cases were linked to a … Read more

South Korea New Infections Emerge After Kids Get Virus From Playground

New COVID-19 Infections In South Korea After Kids Catch Virus In Playground SOUTH KOREA NEW INFECTIONS – Following the declining trend of the coronavirus in South Korea, a new cluster emerged because because of kids. It is known that the coronavirus is more likely to infect the elderly. However, recent studies show that even children … Read more

South Korea Back To Normal As Coronavirus Outbreak Controlled

South Korea Back To Normal, Eases Social Distancing As COVID Cases Drops SOUTH KOREA BACK TO NORMAL – South Korea has largely returned to normal as COVID-19 cases had significantly dropped. Previously, South Korea was the most impacted country outside of China. However, due to aggressive contact tracing and testing, the viral outbreak has been … Read more

South Korea COVID-19: How Patient #31 Caused 80% Of Infections

How Patient #31 Caused 80% Of COVID-19 Infections In South Korea SOUTH KOREA COVID-19 – The world has seen yet another pandemic with governments struggling to contain the virus. However, that was not the case for South Korea when the virus was first detected in the country. South Korea successfully contained the virus up until … Read more

South Korea COVID-19 Cases Drops Without Citywide Lockdowns

Without Citywide Lockdowns, South Korea Lowers COVID-19 Cases SOUTH KOREA COVID-19 CASES – South Korea was hit-hardest by the new coronavirus until Italy spiked in the number of cases. However, due to South Korea’s quick implementation of countermeasures, the virus’s infection rate fell drastically. Surprisingly, the country did this without implementing citywide lockdowns. According to … Read more

Hotel In Seoul Use Toothpicks In Elevator To Prevent COVID-19

Hotel In Seoul, South Korea Use Toothpicks In Attempt To Contain Coronavirus HOTEL IN SEOUL USE TOOTHPICKS – The new coronavirus outbreak in South Korea is now in a critical stage as the country struggles to contain the virus. South Korea currently has the second-largest number of cases of COVID-19 outside of China. The continued … Read more

South Korea Coronavirus Updates: Number Of Cases Continues Rising

South Korea Coronavirus Updates: 169 New Virus Cases SOUTH KOREA CORONAVIRUS UPDATES – South Korea had become the country with the second-highest number of cases of COVID-19. Since a few days ago, South Korea had seen a massive spike in the number of confirmed cases. Each day, more than a hundred patients test positive for … Read more

Korean Flight Attendant COVID-19 Positive Amidst Outbreak

Korean Flight Attendant Tests Positive For COVID-19, Passengers Desperate To Cancel Flights KOREAN FLIGHT ATTENDANT COVID-19 – A South Korean flight attendant had tested positive for the new coronavirus as passengers tried desperately to cancel flights. On Tuesday, Korean Air confirmed that one of their crew members had tested positive for the virus. It added … Read more