South Korea Back To Normal As Coronavirus Outbreak Controlled

South Korea Back To Normal, Eases Social Distancing As COVID Cases Drops

SOUTH KOREA BACK TO NORMAL – South Korea has largely returned to normal as COVID-19 cases had significantly dropped.

Previously, South Korea was the most impacted country outside of China. However, due to aggressive contact tracing and testing, the viral outbreak has been mostly controlled.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, South Korea prioritized efforts towards fighting the virus. Moreover, health officials emphasized the importance of early action against the disease.

South Korea Back To Normal As Coronavirus Outbreak Controlled
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Now, workers have returned to their offices. Additionally, libraries and museums have also reopened under eased physical distancing protocols.

According to an article from ABS-CBN, South Korea’s accomplishments could be attributed to its “trace, test, and treat” program. As such, its initiative received much-earned praise globally.

The country has a population of 51 million. However, the death toll caused by the virus is just around 250. Furthermore, new COVID-19 cases have reduced to about a handful. Additionally, more than 90 of the country’s imported cases are repatriated citizens.

On Wednesday, S. Korea reported merely 2 new COVID-19 cases, making the total number of infections 10,806. As such, sports like baseball and soccer are preparing to launch their new seasons this week. Although the matches would be played behind close doors.

Meanwhile, S. Korea said their school would reopen starting on May 13. But, even with the eased restrictions, Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun still urged everybody to wear face masks.

Currently, the virus had infected more than 3,729,214 people worldwide and caused over 258,000 deaths. Meanwhile, the number of recoveries had reached over 1,245,000.

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