South Korea COVID-19: How Patient #31 Caused 80% Of Infections

How Patient #31 Caused 80% Of COVID-19 Infections In South Korea

SOUTH KOREA COVID-19 – The world has seen yet another pandemic with governments struggling to contain the virus.

South Korea COVID-19: How Patient #31 Caused 80% Of Infections
Image from: The Star

However, that was not the case for South Korea when the virus was first detected in the country. South Korea successfully contained the virus up until patient #30. But, patient #31 had different plans.

It wasn’t clear where patient #31 got infected. But, in the days before her diagnosis, she failed to adhere to “social distancing“.

South Korea COVID-19: How Patient #31 Caused 80% Of Infections
Image from: Reuters

Prior to her diagnosis, the patient got into a traffic accident in Daegu. Following this, she checked herself into an Oriental medicine hospital.

When the patient showed symptoms of COVID-19, doctors suggested she be tested. But, even with a high fever, she went to a buffet lunch with friends in a hotel.

Aside from this, she previously attended services at the Daegu branch of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, on February 9 and again on February 16. Afterwards, as her symptoms worsened, she finally went to another hospital for the test.

The following day, she was announced as South Korea’s 31st COVID-19 case. In a matter of days, the number of confirmed cases in the country skyrocketed. As such, the majority of the cases were linked to the same religious sect in Daegu.

According to an article from Reuters, all major cities and provinces in South Korea reported cases linked to Daegu (location of the church) and Gyeonbuk (location of the hospital).

However, Seoul, a metropolitan area of more than 25 million people, has only a small portion.

As such, the lesson from this is simple. If your area has imposed a quarantine, it’s best that you adhere to social distancing measures. If symptoms arise, don’t risk infecting others.

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