Coleen Garcia Puts End to Breakup Rumors with Husband Billy Crawford

Have Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford Broken Up?

COLEEN GARCIA – The actress broke her silence on the rumors that she and her husband, Billy Crawford, have broken up.

Among the celebrity couples in the Philippines are Billy and Coleen who are former hosts of It’s Showtime. The two (2) celebrities became close to each other during her stint as hosts in the ABS-CBN noontime variety show.

Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford
Photo Credit: Instagram/@coleen

It was in July 2014 when Billy Crawford confirmed that he and Coleen Garcia are in a relationship. It was a year after the two (2) celebrities are being linked to each other most especially during their episodes in It’s Showtime.

In April 2018, Billy and Coleen’s wedding was held at the Balesin Island Club in Polillo in the province of Quezon. It was a star-studded wedding in a seaside ambiance at the luxurious resort for the celebrity couple.

Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia wedding
Photo Credit: Instagram/@coleen

After around two (2) years of getting married, Coleen Garcia gave birth to her first-born with husband Billy Crawford. The delivery was through a waterbirth which amazed countless people for how the actress endured the natural birth.

Billy and Coleen named their son Amari, a handsome little boy who really physicall resembles a combination of his parents. He is now four years old and has grown into a loving boy.

Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford, Amari
Photo Credit: Instagram/@coleen

However, aside from the speculations on the health of Billy Crawford now which was addressed by Coleen Garcia, the celebrity couple’s relationship is also surrounded with breakup rumors. It came after some netizens noticed that the actress is becoming more active on her social media account but not with photos with her husband.

In a vlog interview with Luis Manzano who is a close friend of Billy, Coleen admitted that she is not aware about the breakup rumors questioning the real status of her relationship with her husband. Meanwhile, she put an end to the rumors.

According to Coleen Garcia, her becoming more active on social media is an extension of her job. She shared that most of the work she gets is really on social media.

“So I try to be active but at the same time like we’re going through a major transitional phase in our life… So siguro kasi hindi kami nagpaparamdam online,” the actress said.

Coleen further explained that all the sacrifices that she and Billy do for work, citing that the TV host also has commitments abroad, are for the sake of the future of their family. During the vlog interview, she put an end to the speculations saying that there was never a time when their marriage became unstable.

According to Coleen Garcia, there was never a time when she and Billy Crawford separated or at the verge of separating ever since they got married. She further expressed that her husband has not done any big mistake against her.

“Ever since na we got married, walang naging mabigat na kasalanan sa akin si Billy. Just to be clear, to dispel any rumors there are,” the actress said.

Coleen is vocal that despite all the public speculations, she and Billy are happy with their little family. Coleen also affirmed her readiness for baby number 2 in case she will get pregnant again.

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