South Korea In Critical Struggle To Contain COVID-19

South Korea In Critical Stage

South Korea In Critical Struggle, COVID-19 High Possibility Of Nationwide Spread SOUTH KOREA IN CRITICAL STRUGGLE – The South Korean government had said that they are now in a critical struggle to contain the spread of the new coronavirus in Daegu. The epicenter of the disease in Korea started in Daegu and was linked to … Read more

South Korean Soldiers COVID-19 Positive – Philippine News

South Korean Soldiers Positive For COVID-19, 7700 Others Quarantined SOUTH KOREAN SOLDIERS COVID-19 – Eleven service members of the South Korean military army have been confirmed positive for the new coronavirus, COVID-19. According to a report from Yonhap News Agency, eight COVID-19 patients were in the Army and one each from the Navy, Air Force, … Read more

South Korea On Highest Alert Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

South Korea Placed On Highest Alert Due To Unprecedented Spike In Coronavirus Cases SOUTH KOREA ON HIGHEST ALERT – The President of South Korea has put the country on its highest alerts for infectious diseases amidst the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). In lieu of this, the President had ordered the authorities to take … Read more

South Korea Coronavirus Cases Up By 15 – Philippine News

South Korea Confirms 15 New Cases Of Coronavirus SOUTH KOREA CORONAVIRUS CASES – According to health authorities in South Korea, 15 new cases of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed. Globally, the new coronavirus death toll had gone past 2,000. Along with this, Hubei province recorded an additional 132 more people had died. Along … Read more