Kris Aquino Health Update, Seeks Prayer For Good Health

In a new post, Kris Aquino promises to give more details once the results are in.

What Kris Aquino is currently going through right now is no joke but she remained strong and here’s a bit of an update from her.

It’s already been years and from battling one autoimmune disease, it has now become multiple. To recall, Kris Aquino has been in the United States since 2022 for her medical treatment, but so far, little progress is seen. This is because of the limited medications she is allowed to take.

According to Kris, even steroids have serious side effects on her body. As simple as Biogesic, Ponstan, and Advil may have adverse effects on her body as she is allergic to most fever reducers and antibiotics.

In an interview last February, Kris expressed that she refuses to die. Despite her worsening condition, she maintains her hope to survive everything for the sake of her sons, Josh and Bimby.

Based on the recent post she shared, she shared something about her condition. She told her followers that she had a she had a consultation with her fourth doctor over the weekend. This time around, with a cardiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles adding that it was a “test of courage”.

She did not disclose anything more apart from this but stated that she would share more details about her condition when she’s ready and once the complete results are in.

To recall, in the past interview she did, she expressed that with the history of heart problems in her family, her dealing with the autoimmune diseases became difficult. She even said that she can suffer from stroke anytime and this is related to her genes.

Meanwhile, in a previous article, Boy Abunda was asked about Kris’ health. According to him, they have communication but “very careful” because the last time they talked, she mentioned that she will go through an isolation that would last for six months.

“But I really every night, I pray for her. I pray for her health. I pray for Kris,” he said.

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