South Korea New COVID-19 Outbreak Linked To Church

South Korea Warns Of New COVID-19 Outbreak Connected To Seoul Church

SOUTH KOREA NEW COVID-19 – South Korea has had a surge of cases causing authorities to warn of a new outbreak.

Health authorities in South Korea documented 279 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday. Furthermore, the bulk of the cases were linked to a church that had vocally gone against President Moon Jae-in.

Previously, South Korea had reported as low as 2 daily cases of COVID-19 since April. However, the number of coronavirus cases recently spiked with 103 cases on Friday, and 166 on Saturday. Moreover, most of the infected patients were worshipers of the Sarang Jeil Church in South Korea’s capital, Seoul.

South Korea New COVID-19 Outbreak Linked To Church
Image from: Arab News

Back in late February and early March, the majority of South Korea’s COVID-19 infections were linked to a Daegu church. Along with this, a single patient was said to be the epicenter of 80%of the infections in the city.

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Now, the Sarang Jeil Church and another church located in the Gyeonggi province became the new epicenters of the disease. Some churches in South Korea have become easy targets for COVID-19. This was mostly due to services being tightly packed, accompanied by intense prayers.

Meanwhile, the head pastor of the Jeil Church had been adamantly vocal against South Korea’s President. The pastor had accused Moon of trying to “communize” South Korea. According to an article from ABS-CBN, he also asked the public to oust the president from her post.

Jun was arrested in February for violating election laws for asking church members to support specific political parties. However, he was released on bail in April but has continued with his anti-moon movements in Seoul.

Currently, South Korea has over 15,000 coronavirus cases. Of that number 305 have succumbed to the deadly disease with over 13,900 patients recovering from the virus.

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