South Korea COVID-19 Cases Drops Without Citywide Lockdowns

Without Citywide Lockdowns, South Korea Lowers COVID-19 Cases

SOUTH KOREA COVID-19 CASES – South Korea was hit-hardest by the new coronavirus until Italy spiked in the number of cases.

South Korea COVID-19 Cases Drops Without Citywide Lockdowns
Image from: SCMP

However, due to South Korea’s quick implementation of countermeasures, the virus’s infection rate fell drastically. Surprisingly, the country did this without implementing citywide lockdowns.

According to a report from SCMP, South Korea saw a steady decrease in coronavirus cases for four consecutive days. The Korea Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) reported an increase of 131 cases from Sunday to Monday.

As the outbreak began in South Korea, its President was quick to place the country under Red Alert. This led to a massive improvement in the fight to contain the spread.

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Previously, the country had an average of about 500 new cases per day for the past two weeks. However, last Friday. the number dropped to 438, then 367, then 248 on Sunday.

But, even with the “slowing trend” of new infections, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in warned, “We should not be complacent at all“.

The total number of new confirmed cases is on a downturn but there are concerns over such mass infection cases

So, how did South Korea achieve such a feat?

As per the report, the steady decrease in infections can be attributed to several factors including:

  • Mass testing
  • Improved public communications
  • Use of new technology
  • Extensive testings of Shincheonji Church Members
  • Openness and transparency
  • Public cooperation
  • Emphasis on good hygiene

Several buildings in South Korea had signs that said “No Masks, No Entry”. Additionally, the country also had drive-through testing stations across the country.

Image from: SCMP

The process only takes 10 minutes and the results could be received within hours. What’s more impressive is that South Korea’s tests were all free and was capable of 15,000 tests a day.

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