South Korea Spread of Covid-19 has Slowed; Resurgence Projected to Extend

COVID-19 Spread in South Korea Drops but Resurgence Expected to Resume

South Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency study released a statement on Monday that the country added 67,078 new COVID-19 infections.

According to government data released Monday, the latest rise in COVID-19 infections in South Korea decreased on Sunday. However, the resurgence is projected to last for the foreseeable future, coinciding with the summer vacation season as well as the Chuseok holiday in early September.

South Korea
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According to the report of Inquirer.Net, Only 1.1 times greater than a week earlier and 1.4 times higher than two weeks earlier was the daily total reported over the 24 hours of Sunday. However, analysts speculate that the relatively tiny increase may have been brought on by the decreased number of tests due to the weekend’s three-day holiday and severe rain in certain parts of the nation.

This week, with greater outside activity during the three-day holiday, there may be an increase in the number of daily COVID-19 infections. Some analysts predicted that daily infections would not drop significantly until September. According to Dr. Kim Woo-Joo, an infectious disease expert at Korea University.

South Korea
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The report mentioned that, the country’s daily COVID-19 infection counts will not decrease anytime soon, as school begins in September and the Chuseok holiday falls in early September this year. The virus is currently causing an increase in the number of seriously ill patients and deaths. On Monday, the country’s critically ill patients totaled 521, a nine-day increase.

It was the highest figure in over a hundred days. It was also eight times greater than the 65 reported in the middle of July. The number of deaths reported on the same day fell to 50 from 57 the day before, but remained in the 50s.

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