Hotel In Seoul Use Toothpicks In Elevator To Prevent COVID-19

Hotel In Seoul, South Korea Use Toothpicks In Attempt To Contain Coronavirus

HOTEL IN SEOUL USE TOOTHPICKS – The new coronavirus outbreak in South Korea is now in a critical stage as the country struggles to contain the virus.

South Korea currently has the second-largest number of cases of COVID-19 outside of China. The continued increase had prompted the government to put the country under RED ALERT, the highest alert for infectious disease.

In a previous article, we learned that the spike in the number of cases began when a member of a religious sect in the city of Daegu got infected with the virus.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to contain the virus in public places, hotels have started to use toothpicks inside their elevators. The toothpicks are used to push the buttons so people would avoid direct contact.

This may be due to the circulating videos online that show people in China spitting on the elevator buttons.

A user from Reddit shared a photo of a styrofoam block that held toothpicks taped inside an elevator with writing that says:

Use toothpicks to press buttons due to coronavirus

Hotel In Seoul Use Toothpicks In Elevator To Prevent COVID-19
Image from: Imgur

Along with South Korea, other countries such as Iran had also been struggling with the virus. There have been increasing reports of COVID-19 in Iran with a high mortality rate.

A report from BBC Persia even said that the death toll was already over 200. This information was from a source that allegedly works inside the country’s health department.

Aside from Iran, Italy had also had an increase in the number of cases. Because of this, Italy had been placed by its Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Alert Level 3 with widespread local transmissions.

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