South Korea New Infections Emerge After Kids Get Virus From Playground

New COVID-19 Infections In South Korea After Kids Catch Virus In Playground

SOUTH KOREA NEW INFECTIONS – Following the declining trend of the coronavirus in South Korea, a new cluster emerged because because of kids.

It is known that the coronavirus is more likely to infect the elderly. However, recent studies show that even children could easily be infected with the virus.

Such a thing happened recently in South Korea as a new cluster emerged due to kids. According to an article from Korean news site “Daum” kids got infected with the virus on a playground.

South Korea New Infections Emerge After Kids Get Virus From Playground
Image from: Daum News

Afterward, these kids spread the virus in Daycares and Kindergartens in the nearby areas. Following the discovery of the new clusters, the government’s COVID-19 response team quickly conducted aggressive contact tracing of the infected patients.

As per the article, there were a total of 822 people who tested positive for the virus. Because of this, the Euna daycare center was closed and underwent disinfection and serilization.

Moreover, the Eunpyeong-gu Health Center also contacted elementary students in the district after confirming a positive case from the schools.

Previously, South Korea was faced with their second wave of coroanvirus infections because of a night club incident. After easing restrictions, businesses for leisure such as night clubs re-opened. As a result, another wave of COVID-19 infections arose because of one man.

This single man went on a pub crawl, going from one bar to another, to make up for the lost time when he was under lockdown. Because of this, the man infected at least a dozen people.

Furthermore, around 30 cases of the virus were linked to the five nightclubs he visited. In lieu of this, more than 7,200 people were exposed to the super spreader.

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