St. Vincent Ferrer Statue In Pangasinan Sets World Record

St. Vincent Ferrer Statue In Bayambang, Pangasinan Set A World Record ST. VINCENT FERRER STATUE – A statue of Saint Vincent Ferrer standing over 50 meters set a new world record for the tallest bamboo sculpture last April 5. Back in 2018, Calasiao, Pagasinan broke a world record by creating the worlds largest ‘rice cake’ … Read more

Phivolcs Warns Of Aftershocks Following 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake in Pangasinan

Phivolcs Pangasinan Earthquake

Aftershocks May Follow 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake in Pangasinan According to Phivolcs PHIVOLCS – The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) warns the public of possible aftershocks following the 5.5 magnitude earthquake in Pangasinan. Almost every day, earthquakes rock different areas in the Philippines. Details about such incidents is released to the public by Phivolcs … Read more

Investigators To Autopsy Slain Bullying Victim’s Body in Pangasinan

Bullying Victim

Bullying Victim’s Body in Pangasinan To Undergo Investigator’s Autopsy The investigators will autopsy the body of the slain bullying victim who died  after allegedly beaten by his child playmates in Pangasinan. Town police chief Supt. Jay Baybayan that they will conduct an autopsy on the body of Roger Jackson Tabuñar, the 11-year-old kid who died … Read more

Keyless Motorcycle Mobile App Invented By Students

Keyless motorcycle Students 66

College Students’ Keyless Motorcycle Mobile App Uses Bluetooth, Fingerprint Scan to Start Motorbike KEYLESS MOTORCYCLE – College students invented the keyless motorcycle mobile app that uses Bluetooth and fingerprint scan to start a motorbike. There are millions of motorcycle riders in the Philippines. The motor vehicle can avoid traffic, trek mountains, lesser use of fuel … Read more

Road Crashes In Pangasinan Leaves 6 Dead, 18 Injured


Six People Dead, Eighteen Injured In Separated Road Crashes In Panganisan ROAD CRASHES – On Sunday (November 11), seperate road crashes in Pangasinan occured and leaves six people dead and eighteen others injured. Three were killed in Binalonan Town when their motorcycle collided with a truck as they cross the southbound lane of the Aloragat … Read more

Thousands of Chickens In Pangasinan Died Due To Heat Stroke


Thousands of Chickens In Pangasinan Died Due To Heat Stroke About 7, 000 chickens have suffered from heat stroke and died in Pangasinan because of the extreme heat during this summer season. Summer is one of the hottest seasons not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. It was … Read more

Carabaos Population In Pangasinan Severely Decreased Due To Indiscriminate Slaughter


Population Of Carabaos In Pangasinan Decreased Due To Non-Stop Slaughtering Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) official said that the population of carabaos in Pangasinan severely drops after non-stop slaughtering for meat products. Mangaldan town’s primary product is the processed carabao meat such as “Tapa” (Dried Meat) and “Pigar-Pigar” (Deep Fried Carabeef), which are displayed and selling … Read more

Phivolcs Confirms ‘Big One’ Earthquake Might Now Strike Anytime

‘Big One’ Earthquake

‘Big One’ Earthquake Might Strike Anytime, Phivolcs Says The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) confirmed that ‘big one’ earthquake might now strike anytime due to irregular movements of west valley fault. Previously, Phivolcs announced that there is an upcoming ‘big one’ earthquake that could hit Metro Manila and its nearby provinces under the … Read more