NBI Arrests Canteen Owner in Pangasinan for Selling “Dog Meat” in Canteen

The authorities arrested a female canteen owner in Mapandan, Pangasinan for selling dog meat to her customers.

Dogs have been one of the most popular pets not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. These pets are also considered as man’s best friend because of their friendly character and closeness to human.

Slaughtering dogs are strictly prohibited and considered as a violation of animal welfare law. Dog meats are not also advisable for consumption because it may pose risk to body’s health. Violators could face corresponding sanctions and penalties depending on their violation.

Canteen Owner

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) raided a canteen in Mapandan, Pangasinan for selling dog meat to the customers. The lady owner identified as Reah Ellasus has been arrested for his act.

The canteen owner has been imprisoned once because of the same violation. The NBI personnel has been monitoring the canteen until they discovered that the woman returned to selling dog meat.

The authorities recovered two heads, meats and other meals made of dog meat. The suspect has been released from jail imprisonment after paying bail. Several animal welfare groups condemned the act.

Canteen Owner

The lady explained that she started to use dog meat because it is cheaper and affordable compared to pork and beef. She said that her customers love dog meat rather than other meat products.

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