Taylor Sheesh Assaulted By Man During Performance In Bayambang, Pangasinan

Taylor Sheesh 3

Taylor Sheesh Attacked While Performing On Stage TAYLOR SHEESH – Bayambang, Pangasinan Mayor Nina Jose-Quiambao revealed Taylor Sheesh was hurt by a man during her performance in Bayambang, Pangasinan. Filipina drag artist Mac Coronel possesses an array of dazzling outfits reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s iconic looks, including the sequin bodysuit from the Lover era, the … Read more

Scammer Returns Money to Victims After He Feels Guilty


Guilty Scammer in Pangasinan Returns Money to Victims PANGASINAN – A cash-in scheme scammer returned the money to the victim after feeling guilty for committing an illegal act. A scam refers to a fraudulent scheme or deceptive practice designed to trick individuals into giving away money, personal information, or valuable assets under false pretenses. Scams … Read more

Woman Runs Amok in Pangasinan, Captured on Camera


Woman’s Rampage Caught on Camera in Pangasinan A woman was caught on camera displaying aggressive behavior, targeting a motorcyclist in Calasiao, Pangasinan. A mentally incapacitated person refers to an individual whose cognitive or mental faculties are impaired to the extent that they are unable to make sound decisions or understand the consequences of their actions. … Read more

Tricycle Tumbles as Sack Wraps Around its Wheel in Pangasinan


Tricycle in Pangasinan Gets Into Road Accident as Sack Wraps Around its Wheel A tricycle ended up tumbling after a sack wrapped around one of its wheels on the road in Mangaldan, Pangasinan. Every day, people all over the world drive on roads to get where they need to go. But sometimes, something unexpected happens … Read more

Snake in Pangasinan Saved from Electrocution


Authorities Rescued Snake from Electrocution in Pangasinan A snake narrowly escaped electrocution, causing a commotion among residents and motorists in Calasiao, Pangasinan. Snakes are amazing creatures that catch our interest with their unique features and habits. These crawling reptiles can be found in a variety of places around the world, including woods, deserts, grasslands, and … Read more

Grade 9 Teacher Received Unexpected Birthday Prank Surprise From Students

Grade 9 Teacher

Grade 9 Teacher Surprised with an Unexpected Birthday Prank by Students BIRTHDAY PRANK – A grade 9 teacher in Pangasinan has gone viral after receiving an unexpected birthday prank from his students. In the world of education, teachers often dedicate themselves tirelessly to the growth and development of their students, it’s heartwarming to witness moments … Read more

Fisherman in Pangasinan Injured After Shark Attack


Fisherman Sustained Injuries After Shark Attack in Pangasinan A fisherman in Bolinao, Pangasinan sustained severe injuries after reportedly being attacked by a shark while working at sea. The shark attack happened while the fisherman was engaging in fishing activities at a portion of Ilocos Norte’s coastal water, located 74 kilometers away from Bolinao, Pangasinan. Unexpectedly, … Read more

66-Year-Old Woman Drowns in Backyard Flooding in Pangasinan

66-Year-Old Woman

66-Year-Old Woman Dies After Drowning in Floodwaters Floods, nature’s furious display of water’s immense power, are among the most devastating natural disasters on Earth. It can be triggered by various factors, including heavy rainfall, storms, dam failures, or even human activities. A 66-year-old woman tragically lost her life after being submerged in floodwaters that inundated … Read more

2 Senior Citizens in Pangasinan Care for Over 60 Dogs

Senior Citizens

2 Senior Citizens in Pangasinan Went Viral for Taking Shelter of Over 60 Fur Babies Two senior citizens from Pangasinan goes viral and touched the hearts of netizens as they care for over 60 dogs. The home of senior partners Azadi Oblongata, 67, and Sony Costiniano, 72, from Pangasinan, is filled with an abundance of … Read more

Fisherman Swept Away During Fishing Excursion in Pangasinan


Fisherman Drowned During Fishing Excursion A fishing excursion along the Sinucalan River in Barangay Minien West, Pangasinan turned into a tragic incident when a fisherman drowned on Saturday, June 10, 2023. The Sta. Barbara Police swiftly conducted a follow-up investigation and identified the victim as Elmer Abuel Quitoles, a 43-year-old resident of Barangay Catablan in … Read more