Student, 13, Loses Lung After Falling from a Ride in Pangasinan

Grade 8 Student Undergoes Lung Surgery after Falling from a Ride in Pangasinan

A 13-year-old Grade 8 student loses lung after he allegedly falls from a ride in an amusement park in Urdaneta, Pangasinan.

After falling off the Ferris wheel he was riding at the theme park this Thursday, November 3 in Urdaneta City, the eighth-grader has just one lung left. The victim, 13-year-old Mark Gian Fajardo, a citizen of the said city, is presently making a full recovery in the hospital.

Student Lung Ride Pangasinan

A fair or amusement park ride in Barangay Nancayasan, Urdaneta City, is where the incident took place, according to Police Major Ria Tacderan, PIO-Pangasinan PPO. According to the victim’s mother, her son went to the fair with his cousin to ride one of the rides.

The victim suddenly felt disoriented in the middle of the ride’s rotation and shouted that he was going to get off, but the operator allegedly did not pay attention to him. Up until that point, the victim was sitting in a harness when the lock abruptly broke out, causing the victim to fall and hit the iron barrier’s back, based on the report.

One of the victim’s lungs was nearly crushed by the power of the crash, so the doctor had to do surgery to remove it. The fair’s management agreed to pay for all of Fajardo’s medical costs after speaking with the victim’s parents.

In this regard, Marivic Fajardo, the victim’s mother, also clarified that they will not file a case against the owner of the fair, but if it does not comply with their agreement, they will sue them. It can be recalled that just this week three people including a mother and daughter were injured after falling from a ride they were also riding at a fair in Zambales.

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