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RELATIVE PRONOUN: Meaning Of Relative Pronoun & Its Examples

RELATIVE PRONOUN: Meaning of Relative Pronoun & Its Examples

Guide on Meaning and Examples of Relative Pronoun

RELATIVE PRONOUN – Here is a guide on the meaning and examples of relative pronouns.

Pronoun, a parts of speech that is used to replace the names of person, place, events, etc. in a sentence, has a lot of different types. In fact, it is one of the parts of speech with the most number of kinds.

Under pronoun are Indefinite Pronoun, Possessive Pronoun, Demonstrative Pronoun, Interrogative Pronoun, and Relative Pronoun among others. In this article, we will talk about pronouns that are relative.

We will get to know the meaning of relative pronoun and as well as some of its examples and sample sentences using it.

Relative Pronoun

Based on Grammar, a relative pronoun introduces the adjective clause which is often found after a noun in the sentence. It serves an important role in telling something important about the subject.


  • Who – This is used for giving description to people.
  • Which – This is used for animals, things, events, etc.
  • Whose – This pronoun is used for both people and things.
  • That – Like whose, this pronoun is also used for people and things.



  • The carpenter who made our house won the grand prize in the raffle.
  • The saleslady who took Rina’s shoe size did not come back anymore to attend to us.
  • The priest who baptized him came to his party/


  • The clock which we bought at the mall does not anymore work.
  • The dog which was found by Elizer at the park was welcomed to their home.
  • The house which was built on top of the cliff is so beautiful.


  • The man whose bag was left at the shopping mall returned to the mall.
  • The teacher whose work seems endless has no time to sleep anymore.
  • Jason whose mom is working abroad was alone during his graduation day.


  • The old woman that crossed the lane made all the vehicles stop.
  • The black cat that peeped on the window of a mansion is scary.
  • The water that filled the pool was from the mountain.

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