Parts Of Speech Examples and Their Definition

Parts Of Speech Examples

PARTS OF SPEECH EXAMPLES – What are the eight (8) parts of speech and their examples and definition? Find out here! Noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection are the eight parts of speech. These are their definition and examples.

What Is A Conjunction & Its Examples

What Is A Conjunction

WHAT IS A CONJUNCTION – Let us discuss the meaning and function of conjunctions and the examples under this part of speech. Conjunction plays a very important roles in sentences although it is not one of the most popular parts of speech. There is a technique to memorizing the examples under this part of speech.

Adverb Examples: List of Samples of Adverbs Used in Sentences

Adverb Examples

ADVERB EXAMPLES – Below are the definition of adverbs, its samples, and the sentences that bear adverbs. Undeniably, many people confuse adverbs with adjectives in sentences. These two (2) are among the eight parts of speech and may both be action words. Meanwhile, a deeper understanding of how adverbs function will surely help.