Job Applicant Asking About Salary Receives Inappropriate Response From Digital Creator

Job Applicant

A digital creator received negative reactions from the netizens due to her inappropriate response to a job applicant inquiring about salary. Daisy Borja faces backlash after criticizing a job applicant asking about the salary instead of submitting the required documents. The businesswoman went on to explain that she didn’t want to waste time dealing with … Read more

Wally Bayola Reveals TAPE Inc Deducts 30% from His Salary

Wally Bayola Claims 30% of His Salary as Eat Bulaga Being Deducted by TAPE Inc Comedian and former host Wally Bayola revealed that the Television and Production Exponents Inc (TAPE) is deducting 30% from his salary in Eat Bulaga. Former noontime show Eat Bulaga presenter Wally Bayola disclosed his difficulties with TAPE Inc and the … Read more

Jose Manalo Reveals He’s Not Receiving Salary from Eat Bulaga

Jose Manalo Shares He Received No Salary from Eat Bulaga while Facing Difficulties in Life Comedian and former host Jose Manalo revealed that he is not receiving salary from the noontime show Eat Bulaga despite difficulties he is facing. In the most recent episode of “Cristyferminute” of showbiz reporter Cristy Fermin, she disclosed the comic … Read more

Former Maid Shares Previous Salary P4,500/Month “Gising 4am tulog 11pm”

Former Maid

Former Maid Compares Previous Salary P4,500/Month to Current Wage A former maid goes viral online after sharing her previous salary worth P4,500/Month: “Gising 4am tulog 10-11pm.” A Facebook user named Leizl Deinia has shared her past work experiences and compared her previous and present salary. The post immediately spread like a wildfire online and elicits … Read more